Sunday, December 21, 2008

Drawing Lesson 2: Eye Candy

Since we drew hands last week, I thought we'd go to portraits this week. As you know, the most expressive feature is the eyes. So, let's see what we can do with a female eye...

We'll start with a football shape. No, not a rugby ball. :-) Make sure the bottom is flatter than the top.

Now, let's add a tear duct in the corner, and some parentheses that don't quite touch. The top is farther apart than the bottom.

Next, we'll put a circle inside that touches the top. Make the widths between the circle and the parentheses even all the way around.

Next, draw a diagonal inside the pupil. Add a curved shape.

Next, shade in all around so the tiny shape starts to look like a crescent.
This will be the light reflection, and give your portrait life.

Next, add spokes as if it were a wheel, radiating from the pupil.

Notice I added some soft scallops to the outer edge of the iris.
Then, add a line for a lid above and below the football, without it touching the eye.

Now, add some eyelashes. They are not all the same length, since they're growing at different rates, and they curve out and up. Usually, you want to start at the outer corner, and let them taper off as you go inward.

The bottom lashes are fewer, and they curve out and down. Only use a few under the iris, and let those be shorter.

Now, let's plan the eyebrow. Go up from the tear duct, and make a nice arch.

So it looks natural, we don't want to color in, but draw the hair in the direction in which it grows.
Usually it lays down as it goes out on the arch.

I added some shading beside the bridge of the nose. Darken your pupil more than I did, OK?
How did you do?
Male eyes are different, so we'll tackle those later.
Practice drawing a natural set of two with the second reversed and about an eye's length between them. You can begin by drawing a line across your paper to get them even, then erase it when you're done. I'll review it next time, also.
What do you think of your work? If you didn't draw it, try it; you may surprise yourself.
Thank you so much for joining me in another drawing lesson!
Leave me a comment or question below.
Love & Laughter,


valonia said...

I did it! I did it! Woo! I can draw lovely lady eyes!

I do love your classes, DJ!

x V.

aimee said...

great tutorial! thanks dj!

Tita Moma said...

Hi - thanks so much for the lesson. Looking forward to the next one.

Jean said...

Hooray! I drew a really awesome eye! I'm bringing my sketchbook with me to Christmas dinner at Grandma's house!! You are an awesome teacher! :)

DJ said...

How wonderful that you ladies are sketching and developing your art skills. I do hope you will find uses for your talents, such as illustrating your art journals, adding to graphics, decorating surfaces, amazing your friends, or drawing for your own pleasure. And, remember to pass on your own individual talents to others. The world is waiting for you...
Love & Laughter,

PJ's talkin'.... said...

OK, I'm forced to add you to my fav list! Eyes are my favorite thing, now maybe I can do a decent one. thanks, PJ

DJ said...

PJ ~ So glad you stopped by! Love your blog BTW! Will add links soon.
Love & Laughter

Robyn said...

Great lesson, DJ! Now how about a nose lesson some time.