Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Getting the Clock Off of Your Back

Yes, I know, as if the subject of time, and not having enough, isn't already discussed ad nauseum. But, how do we pose solutions to this problem of time?
What do you do to make time for important people or activities in your life?
Can you truly prioritize your desires, or do your minutes get swallowed up in dealing with the responsibilities of everyday survival?
Some of us struggle to have a calm conversation with our family on a daily basis, much less try to accomplish anything creative to nourish ourselves. Just working, getting dinner ready, feeding the pets, remembering appointments, pumping gas, bathing the kids, and making sure laundry is done takes all our excess energy. Then, you want me to do what? Paint? Write a novel? Sew a dress? You gotta be kidding me...Some of us use our spare time for catching up on paperwork from our career...
Yes, I'm there right now. My To-Do List is getting longer, and my nerve endings are getting shorter. More responsibility, more things to remember, more...STUFF.
Yet, I don't want this December to be another mad rush to the finish. Another season of consumerism and stress and running on empty.
So, I'm going to stop it.
I don't want to live my life on a treadmill any longer. So.
I will live with conscious decisions instead of letting pressures pull me off focus. I will calmly and gently decide how I spend these precious moments, for I don't know how many I have left. I'm not going to worship the "P" Word, but I will pray for peaceful interaction with myself and others who accept the imperfect me. I will make time for activities that feed my soul, rather than ravage it.
Time will be my Christmas present to myself. I will "gift" myself with extra time to arrive at places, extra time to wrap scrumptious presents, extra time to spend cooking, extra time to organize my appointments and my belongings, extra time to look into my husband's eyes and thank him for all that he is, and extra time to reflect upon next year's dreams.
After I open this important present, I'll surely be inspired to create beauty. And, I'll have plenty of time to act upon those inspirations.


Robyn said...

Well said, DJ. We seem to push our nurturing needs to the back of our minds...when I've got time...when I've got time...but if we actually sit ourselves down and consciously work out how we are going to carve out a block of time to replenish ourselves it becomes achievable.

Jo said...

I agree with Robyn...although it's hard to keep that "time monkey" off my back! It's certainly wonderful to read a post like this every now and then, to help to remind me.

katie jane said...

I'm giving myself that gift, too. And begining Christmas Day I'll do it. Until then I'll have to continue to rush, rush, rush.

PJ's talkin'.... said...

I enjoy your writing. I enjoy your ideas, going to share them with friends. thanks, PJ