Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Love & Laughter in Links

Since starting my own blog, I'm discovering so many blogs that encourage, delight, and inspire.
Here are a few that you may want to add to your list of faves.
To reflect on that first Christmas, visit here for "Let's Do Christmas Like They Do It in Texas"
And if you're looking for a different medium, check out Jo's yummy eye-candy using "Walnut Ink Crystals" here.
Visit Here for a run-down of inspiring posts from Christine Kane, down-to-earth philosopher and awesome musician. Pick whatever's on your mind today from the list.
As a creativity coach, Dan Goodwin has helped thousands of artists flourish and prosper. Dan is not only the site manager of the artists' community Coach Creative Space, but he's also a prolific writer on the topic of creativity. He can cut away the excess baggage, and zoom in on the issue like no one else I've read. (He's also an excellent zookeeper, but I'll let him explain that one to you.) If procrastination keeps you from creating, here's your man. Tell him DJ sent you.
Having a heart for children, I have been sponsoring a lovely little boy in Brazil through World Vision International. They have locations and programs around the world, are tax deductible, and have a stellar reputation in the handling of donated funds. If you've ever wanted to express love to children that have been struck by poverty, abuse, or natural disaster, visit here.
My heartfelt thanks to everyone who's visited, commented, or tried the drawing lesson below. May you experience the Love of Christmas in a special way this holiday season.

Love & Laughter,

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