Saturday, December 27, 2008

Oh, the Possibilities

Wow...2009 is upon us. A clean sparkling calendar.
The thought of a new year with a fresh slate makes my creative juices simmer on a low boil. Sound familiar? Yours, too?
As artists, we see the possibilities in so many areas of our lives: Visually, you may be thinking of using that new technique or medium we've been hearing about...Physically, can you cut back on something you'd rather not put into your body or just move every other day? Mentally, can you take a class, read a book, or change an old, worn out paradigm? Can you think about that relationship in a new way, so there's no stress between the two of you? Wanna clean out that closet? Organize your studio? Could you think about giving up that bad habit? Or, take a step toward getting help in releasing the stranglehold that addiction has on you?

Wait a minute, you say.
All of this sounds too much like work. Too much effort.

Really? Well, let's think about that, for a minute...
No matter how you cut it, the big picture we're looking GROWTH.
There are two choices: growth or stagnation.

Ugh! ...stagnation?

You know, like pond scum.
Water that doesn't move produces it...pond scum.
Pale, green, stagnant algae.

What's your pleasure?

This morning, I did something SO out of character for me. I did a walk/run over to a walking track. I'm still patting myself on the back for it. My feet stung. My lungs heaved. But I did it.
I moved!
Pictured is one of my stinging feet hitting my front step, with sweatpant-clad knee above it in the foreground.

I can't wait to stir the waters in other areas of my life. Cool clear nourishing water!
What about you?

Love & Laughter, --- and Growth!


Robyn said...

I'm wallowing in pond scum at the moment DJ but I'm hoping to catch a ride on an angel's wing and soar any day now. Early morning walks just might help to stir my lethargy. Well done for getting yourself moving!

Welcome to My Blog! said...

I'm making a big change in 2009 that will really help my creativity blossom! I have two jobs M-F and one on Sunday nights. Tomorrow morning, I'll be giving my "5 months notice" on the Sunday night job. It will free up so much energy that should be going into creating. It's been great for 6 years, but time to move on!

The decision feels very right!

PS...I hope your aching foot is better!! Good for you with the walking!

aimee said...

all it takes is the one step you showed on your picture - and boom! you're moving in a new direction :)

Say It In Color said...

You have good advice here!...moving makes more energy in you ...somehow?! I drew the eyes a couple of nites ago...never had good eyes on my funny looking thanks!! And thanks for listing me on your favorites....which pushes me to finish some things to show....I have enjoyed your inspiration and your creativity!...sherry

DJ said...

Robyn, I would never associate you with inactivity! I've seen your beauty expressed in too many ways..
Jean, Congrats on making more free time for your creative pursuits. Enjoy!
Aimee, I've gone back to your colorful blogs several times for inspiration, so keep up the great work.
Sherry, Can't wait to see what you're working on. I'll be visiting soon.
Thanks to all for stopping by...