Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Simplicity is Elegance

A phrase my mother taught me:
Simplicity is Elegance.
We'll start with simplicity.

Now, tell me some things that you would like to be able to draw. What do you want to be able to put on paper? Name some things, or people, or places. Nouns are our friends.
What kinds of things are you comfortable drawing, already? If you aren't comfortable drawing anything, we'll start there.
Tell me your thoughts in comments below.

Before you begin a journey, it's nice to know your present location, hmmmm? On this journey, I'll walk beside you, one step at a time.

The Drawing Lessons will begin this coming weekend, my friends! So, check back here with a sketchbook, or sheets of paper, a pencil, and a large eraser. A nice pink rectangle or a kneaded eraser will serve you well. Don't depend upon those cute little pink things on the end of a pencil. You deserve better, don't you think?
I think you do.
And just maybe, you deserve some elegant background music while you draw.

See you this weekend, my friends.
Love & Laughter,


Robyn said...

Beautiful drawing, DJ. I will be back!

Susan Hosken said...

I'm happy to draw anything. I love doing naive drawings of people and I love drawing my friends cats. Looking forward to the class DJ.
lots of love from susan in australia

Moonlightress said...

I've drawn many leaves (have a passion for those). I'd specifically love to be able to draw people and faces, both cartoon-like line drawings and 3-D, and that actually look like what I am drawing. Also to be able to draw a few lines that suggest the object, rather than just reproduce it. (in other words, both)

I'd also love to learn to do highlights and shading to get the feeling of depth, and not only 2-D drawings.

Atmospheric drawings of interesting street corners, houses, corners within houses. Drawing from photographs.

I know, I want to run, before I can crawl.... :)

valonia said...

Well, as you may have noticed I'm quite excitable about most things and so I'd love to be able to draw EVERYTHING I see!
But, if I had to force myself to narrow it down a bit...
I think I would most like to draw cats... and ducks... and water - it looks so difficult...

Oh, do you think there is any possibility of teaching us how to draw cats eyes in the eye class section??

Much love,
x V.