Monday, December 15, 2008

Wintertime and the Living's Easy

Well, Western Hemisphere friends, winter has definitely arrived. And many of us suffer from winter blues, the December doldrums, or seasonal depression. Since my favorite time of year is summer, I begin feeling something's missing every year in the fall, and struggle to keep a brighter outlook on life until I see green buds of hope in the spring. After all these years, I've had to get creative just to survive and thrive.
Here's a few tricks I've used to beat the winter blues:

~ shop for someone you love, including yourself
~ paint a 3-D object bright colors
~ write/journal with hot tea or cocoa
~ make a blanket
~ buy a sweater that's gorgeous
~ light a candle and pray and listen
~ string Christmas lights in an unusual place like office or bathroom
~ snuggle with someone you love, whether human or pet
~ use the fireplace
~ turn on the radio/Pandora and dance
~ drink lots of water to stay hydrated
~ cook all the earthy recipes your mother used to cook
~ write down her recipes for a younger family member
~ make a scrapbook that's zany and comical, rather than serious
~ paint your toenails AND fingernails RED
~ dress for napping success, complete with accessories such as hot cocoa and a book
~ create a pillow of your own design
~ crochet/knit/sew scarves for storm victims/homeless/military/less fortunate
~ cook something/create a basket for your next door neighbor and deliver it/leave it on the doorstep
~ write that book/play/e-zine/article you always wanted to write
~ ask the kids to help you make a fort from chairs and blankets, then share a treat inside along with a good book
~ toast marshmallows over the fire in the fireplace, make S'mores with a loved one
~ write about a happy childhood, even if you have to make it up
~ form a pile of junk mail, and create a collage/journal page from every sales ad or envelope
~ arrange a creative afternoon of photography outside or inside, by finding small forms and colors in unusual places
~ take a walk to collect interesting leaves, rocks, or shells
~ rent that offbeat comedy that you've always wanted to watch, but didn't get to the theater to see (don't forget the popcorn)

What would you add to this? What's worked for you?

And, please, practice being kind to yourself during the cold months, my friends,
Love & Laughter,



Lia (artjunkgrl) said...

I'm so excited you have started a blog...and it's wonderful!
What a beautiful, thought-provoking list as well. Thank you. thank you so much for sharing! xoxo lia

Robyn said...

I enjoyed that! I am just the opposite...because I need a list to get me through summer which I hate with a passion.

Jo Horswill said...

Thanks DJ, a worthy list, many will find beneficial...

Dan said...

Brilliant list DJ. Makes me feel cosy and inspired for the winter months ahead.

Writing about Summers past or plans for Summers to come can be a great way of escaping the winter blues.

In fact, any writing that captures our imagination and takes us on a journey will do the trick... You can go anywhere, anytime...


DJ said...

Lia, So glad you stopped by. Let me know when you get back to painting!
Robyn, I'm going to keep up with your blog so I can learn about your winters in SA! :-)
Jo, You Rock, for the source for your walnut ink! Mwah!
Dan! What a pleasant surprise. Your writing inspires everyone, my CCS friend.