Monday, January 19, 2009

Drawing Lesson 3 Whoopsie-Daisy

I know; you can already draw flowers. Just draw those little petals around a circle, and you have it. Or, maybe you wonder about how to make it look real.

Here's a start on making your own bouquet.

Start with a structure of a simple circle and a plus sign at the top of your paper.

Add an oval with a plus sign that has shorter verticals.

This oval will be slanted and to the left of center, as pictured.

Now go back to your circular plus sign and make each line a petal.

Add an X of lines, and make those petals, too. Then, add petals in between the + and the X.

Yes, flowers have lots of petals, so add some loops to create more layers.

Now, add shading to the beginning center of some of the petals to create depth. Artists know color shading and tinting as "value". So, we're adding values, which imply light and dark.

Now, to give the center some body, add some vertical hatch marks to imply the side of the "clump", to be technical, ahem. Add some random dots n dashes to imply texture. Then, go to the second flower, which is not looking straight at you, but it tilted. Add petals and shading, but let the vertical petals be shorter. The in-between petals will gradually lengthen to meet the horizontal petals. This creates the illusion of the flower being tilted.

Perhaps you can see this better in a close-up shot...

After drawing those realistic flowers, add some stems and leaves. Don't forget your values on these, so they look real, too.
Create more varieties of flowers by looking in garden catalogs, on the internet, or in your own backyard, when weather permits. Use them in your journals or paintings. These are lovely in fine-tip marker colors!
Create Mother's Day or birthday gifts by painting them on wooden trinket or jewelry boxes purchased at your fave craft store. Just mix several shades of a color, and follow these sketches for lights n darks. Don't forget some lovely greens for the foliage. Add a vine that travels around your box. Add tiny buds along the sides. And you can add some hearts for Valentine's Day, of course. Mistakes? Wipe off what you don't like, and paint again.
What will you do with your new flower drawing skills?
Please comment below, and let me know how your beautiful bouquet is progressing.
Love & Laughter,


Susan Hosken said...

Really enjoying the drawing classes. They are giving me confidence in my abilities.
lots of love from susan in australia

Manifestation said...

Thanks there.It's really fun learning the drawing classes this ways.Enjoying the drawing.

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Say It In Color said...

Thank you for your tutorials.... some things I can draw, but some things I cannot!! So thanks for your eye tutorial....but I need to improve on expression.... this flower one is good too, now I know why some of my flowers look goofey when I try to make them to the side!! This will make the initial drawing easier! I don't usually do any people or bodies so thanks also for the hand one! Hope you are having a good week! Thanks, sherry

Say It In Color said...

I forgot to mention that I didn't follow the tutorial for the eyes of one of my new pieces .....and thus...funky looking eyes!! Now I will follow it better! thanks! sherry

Say It In Color said...

I just found your Creative Space thing and joined....hope you will post again soon, as we enjoy what you do.... you seem to GIVE a lot....leaving many comments, which are so appreciated by us all so just want to say thank you again... you are appreciated and noted! sherry

PJ's talking2.... said...

Where are you at, and what are you doing? Make something already! Where's your pencil?