Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Monumental Moments

I was visiting my ceramic artist friend, Jean's, blog, a Joyful Spirit, when I read her post entitled "An Ordinary Day...NOT" and was enchanted with the story-like photos of her day.
She was looking for "the special" in the little things in life, and I was left wondering what "monumental moments" we all overlook in our hurriedness to get through our verbs...working, transporting, preparing, dressing, cooking, laundering, talking, feeding, bathing, serving, meeting, cleaning, assisting, writing, composing, answering, driving, reassuring, calling, and say-huh? ...Oh, yes- sleeping!
You know those monumental moments, such as smelling a child's hair when you hug them. Or when your husband squeezes your shoulders as he passes by the computer table. Or the light in your pet's eyes when you come through the door after working late.
What about that first little league game? Or maybe it was the good-bye hug at the preschool door?
What about that first light on a Sunday morning...Or the feel of your favorite pen gliding across those morning pages?
Or that stranger who held the door for you last shopping spree?
Maybe it was seeing that first spring flower. Perhaps it was a home-cooked meal that you didn't have to cook...
And remember that friend who lifted you up in prayer or deed when you needed it most?

Hmmm...Funny, these things aren't really earth-shattering or expensive, are they?
But their value is beyond measure.
How can you give someone a "monumental moment" today?
Thanks, Jean, for giving me one...
Love & Laughter,

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Indomitable Spirit

Well, it seems I'm not the only survivor around here.

A few weeks ago, DH & I were to attend a family gathering and see some folks we had not met. I thought it would be nice to bring a bit of a prezzie for the couple we were meeting, so I purchased a rose in one of those plastic wrappings that has been pruned back, but will grow when planted. So, I put it into a gift bag with tissue paper, and put it in the back seat floorboard of the car when we left to attend the dinner. Well, as my life goes, there was more than one "new" couple there, so I didn't worry about pulling out the gift. I brought it home and sat it on my back porch.

And left it there. Among the other houseplants.

And the thing has grown two feet and BLOOMED right in the plastic wrap, gift bag and all...

And, yes, if I had planted it and cared for it, it would have perished...but just look at it...
Merriam-Webster defines "indomitable" as "incapable of being subdued; unconquerable".

Yes, we should all bloom so beautifully, even if we feel different from the other plants.

Love & Laughter... and wishing YOU an indomitable spirit,


Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm a Survivor

Hello friends, to those lovely readers who thought I'd deserted my hangout here, and to those of you precious seekers who have just now stumbled upon this blog-baby by accident.
I'm DJ and I've been busy with "Life" in myriad ways lately!
I've survived various stressors including a twice-hospitalized grandchild, emergency spinal surgery on my pet, 16 hour workdays, and long-time colleagues losing their jobs.
Honey, am I glad to see Spring!
The least I can do for you, beloved readers, is to return here and share photos of recent work.
Please leave a quick comment, so I'll live to blog another day. :-)
The first is an abstract oil on 24x32" mansonite that began with questionable results. I lived with it on my easel for weeks, trying to decide if it was complete. One evening, I threw caution to the wind, and boldly began applying colors and white in a drybrush technique. I felt the painting come to life and I now enjoy the whimsical results. Title: "From Ugly to Painting with White on the Mountain" :-) The next one is an even freer attempt at applying oil to 24x32" masonite, entitled "Jungle Fire".
This is an acrylic on 17x20" mat board inspired by an oil pastel sketch. The original idea has yet to be realized, so I'm smelling a series. Title: "Buildings I"
This is my most recent oil on canvas, 18x24" with a long story behind it. Long story short, it represents rising from the ashes of my recent life-stressors to begin again. Title? "Isaiah 40:31" of course :-) All observations, negative & positive, welcome. Please leave a comment below so I can return the favor. Love & Laughter, DJ