Saturday, April 18, 2009

Indomitable Spirit

Well, it seems I'm not the only survivor around here.

A few weeks ago, DH & I were to attend a family gathering and see some folks we had not met. I thought it would be nice to bring a bit of a prezzie for the couple we were meeting, so I purchased a rose in one of those plastic wrappings that has been pruned back, but will grow when planted. So, I put it into a gift bag with tissue paper, and put it in the back seat floorboard of the car when we left to attend the dinner. Well, as my life goes, there was more than one "new" couple there, so I didn't worry about pulling out the gift. I brought it home and sat it on my back porch.

And left it there. Among the other houseplants.

And the thing has grown two feet and BLOOMED right in the plastic wrap, gift bag and all...

And, yes, if I had planted it and cared for it, it would have perished...but just look at it...
Merriam-Webster defines "indomitable" as "incapable of being subdued; unconquerable".

Yes, we should all bloom so beautifully, even if we feel different from the other plants.

Love & Laughter... and wishing YOU an indomitable spirit,



violette said...

a beautiful rose and such a wonderful story.....don't you love metaphors like this?

Thanks for sharing it with us DJ.

Love, Violette

Say It In Color said...

What a great I needed to learn about today....and what a beautiful you know the name of it? I hope Spring brings us closer to what is the important things in our life....and new blooms and growth in the garden sure give us hope!!...especially after what seemed to be a hard winter for our artists up north!...thanks for sharing your heart as well as your art...sherry

ruthie said...

thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely words. love this story, nature is amazing isn't it, so glad your rose kept on growing, its a beauty

Judy Wise said...

I love this post. Roses are such a gift; they are in the blackberry family remember, very strong and yet beautiful - like each of us. xo