Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Monumental Moments

I was visiting my ceramic artist friend, Jean's, blog, a Joyful Spirit, when I read her post entitled "An Ordinary Day...NOT" and was enchanted with the story-like photos of her day.
She was looking for "the special" in the little things in life, and I was left wondering what "monumental moments" we all overlook in our hurriedness to get through our verbs...working, transporting, preparing, dressing, cooking, laundering, talking, feeding, bathing, serving, meeting, cleaning, assisting, writing, composing, answering, driving, reassuring, calling, and say-huh? ...Oh, yes- sleeping!
You know those monumental moments, such as smelling a child's hair when you hug them. Or when your husband squeezes your shoulders as he passes by the computer table. Or the light in your pet's eyes when you come through the door after working late.
What about that first little league game? Or maybe it was the good-bye hug at the preschool door?
What about that first light on a Sunday morning...Or the feel of your favorite pen gliding across those morning pages?
Or that stranger who held the door for you last shopping spree?
Maybe it was seeing that first spring flower. Perhaps it was a home-cooked meal that you didn't have to cook...
And remember that friend who lifted you up in prayer or deed when you needed it most?

Hmmm...Funny, these things aren't really earth-shattering or expensive, are they?
But their value is beyond measure.
How can you give someone a "monumental moment" today?
Thanks, Jean, for giving me one...
Love & Laughter,


Jean said...

Oh DJ! You are so sweet! You have been an instrumental part of my process of "becoming an artist" (and especially calling myself an artist!). May all of your ordinary moments feel sacred!!
Hugs! Jean :)

ruthie said...

Hi DJ, thank you, thank you for giving me one of my moments( my preciousthings) today with your lovely, sweet comments on my blog! the very reason my blog is called "5preciousthings" is because at the end of each day i sit quietly and remember at least 5 special things (no matter how small) that have occured during my day. its so easy not to notice all those little things! my family all do this too now. it started at a time in my life that i was rather struggling & it helped me immensely. I am off to read jean's blog too now! x

Sara Moriarty-delaFuente said...

Thank you DJ for visiting my blog. I signed up to "follow" yours so I can get to know you better. I love Jean, her art, and her blog. She always includes food for thought. I adore the reason behind Ruthie's blog title. I might have to start that same practice before bed. Hope that your week is going well. ~Sara

Robyn said...

Early morning coffee in bed with hubby and daughter every morning.... Chat and laughter time.

Robin said...

Love the little things...thanks for making me think about them!