Sunday, May 17, 2009

Time- Shmime!

Monday night, May 18th, I was having an e-mail conversation with the multi-talented artist, Camille, who, fortunately for me, is one of my awesome Coach Creative Space family members. Over at CCS, we're having a Five for Five Summerlicious ATC Swap, so we were discussing the Swap and the fact that I had viewed Camille's lovely tea bag art in the Photos section of CCS.
I mentioned something about not having time to create because of work responsibilities right now, and after I sent the e-mail, I realized that the comment really urked me.
One thing led to another, and before you know it, in an act of rebellion, I was in the studio doing a quick palette knife painting and humming along to some of my fave music. Time-shmime! I'll create when I get good & ready!

Palette Knife Landscape by DJ oil on canvas 16x20"
PS~ Feel free to join us for the Summerlicious ATC Swap! Love & Laughter, DJ


thedomesticfringe said...

That's a beautiful painting! Amazing work.

Jean said...

DJ! This is absloutely gorgeous! It's amazing how much power our mind has - for better AND for worse! I hope that the clock gives you many, many more hours of the same kind of time :)

leslyf said...

Thank you for stopping by my blogs, DJ ... and for linking to me. I have returned the compliment and wish you lots of joy with your painting (which is lovely).

Robyn said...

Oh wow DJ! You really have to steal time to do your art. You can't waste a God-given gift such as this. It's easy...just march into your studio and get down to it girl!