Saturday, May 30, 2009

Week One of the Studio Challenge...WHEE!

V~Palette Knife Landscape I by DJ 16x20 Oil on Canvas May 2009

V~Palette Knife Landscape II by DJ 16x20 Oil on Mat Board May 2009

V~Palette Knife Landscape III by DJ 16x20 Oil on Canvas May 2009

V~Palette Knife Landscape IV by DJ 16x20 Oil on Canvas May 2009

I'm happy: I'm painting.
The first palette knife painting was done on a Monday night two weeks before this Studio Challenge, and Monday night, May 25th, I started painting a second palette knife landscape that's turned into a series.
So, it's apparent that Monday nights are high energy level nights for me. I'm rested from the weekend, and not too bogged down in the brain with work responsibilities. Yay. So, look for those times when you're high energy for best productivity in the studio or at the work table.
I made an adjustment to the first painting, and may make adjustments to the more recent paintings posted here. Taking photos enables you to see color and value relationships a bit more objectively, but beware that cameras may pick up on a certain hue group and tint your composition. I have two other photos: a blue version of the first painting, and a green version of the same. My relatively inexpensive camera "read" the overall hue and that's what it saved. So, when photographing your work, check on this.
All of these paintings were done with a palette knife in oils on either canvas or mat board. There were no preliminary sketches done, so all compositions were rendered as work progressed. There were no photographic references; just the making of landscapes that derived from my imagination. Decision-making can be fun when you're in a work zone of applying paint in a physical movement that makes you happy.
For example, it took me thirty minutes to apply the sky in painting 2. I was having a great time listening to music and swiping that palette knife across the canvas. Getting those smooth gradations with a palette knife is not as easy as it may look to the untrained eye. But it's fun for some of us art nerds who have oil paint under our nails. Paintings 2 & 3 were done in about an hour 1/2, and painting 4 was done in about an hour. So, that's two 1/2 hours of studio time I have left for this weekend! Woohoo!
Forgive the boring titles, but I'm too excited about getting them out there on canvas. Titles will come later, after I've lived with them for a while. And, yes, I know that in most of these so-called "landscapes," there's more sky and sea than land, so they may be renamed seascapes or skyscapes. All in good time, my friend...
All reactions welcome, negative or positive - I can take it.
Please leave a comment, so I don't have to bug my sweet DH for feedback.:-)
Love & Laughter,


Robyn said...

DJ, I'm so pleased (relieved) you are doing this. I know your time is short but once you make time for yourself you suddenly find things begin working out....extra hours to work suddenly open up to you. You've taught (and reminded) me so much about creating art, so you know it all already but you need to be reminded just like I do :-) So this is just a reminder (the pot calling the kettle black)>>>>>>DJ needs to march herself into the studio and make art!!! And look at the results!
V~Palette Knife Landscape I (my favourite)is stunning!
Lots of love and laughter,

DJ said...

Thanks for thinking enough of me to tell me that, Robyn! You're wonderful...
Love & Laughter...

Patrice said...

Great work, DJ. I quite impressed with the palette knife paintings... and your humor is always a lift. I finally got un-lazy and became a follower.

See you soon. Paint on!

Jean said...

You are so inspiring! These are gorgeous paintings - so realistic, I can almost feel the sea spray!! I'm glad that you have found out that Monday nights are your high energy nights! It sure makes a difference in how much art one can produce to be "in the mood!" Can't wait to see more!! :)

Robin said...

Wonderful!! I'm so glad you joined our challenge!! C'mon Robyn, make that march!! I swear, if you commit publicly, it makes a huge difference!! Join us!!

steviewren said...

You make me want to pull out the paints. I'm always happy when I'm painting too. Nice work!

steviewren said...

ps The last one is my favorite. Painting rocks is not something I've ever been able to do.

TJ said...

Lovely landscapes, I especially like the seascapes/water work! (Maybe it's the Pisces in me...) Keep going! xoxo tj in germany

LJ said...

It's settled. Scrappy and I love Landscape IV. I love you! Keep painting!


DJ said...

What a sweet hubby to comment here!
I love you, sweetheart.
Thanks for a FANTASTIC 8 Years!

africantapestry said...

Your landscapes are beautiful with astunning colours!