Monday, September 7, 2009

Last Week's Non-Serious Mushing

I'm going back to an earlier developmental stage that I missed, and playing in paint. Just having fun mushing paint around, so I can get it out of my system.
The last week of August, I managed one small painting experiment on a night I was really out of the zone. Ever had one of those nights? :-)

Fir Trees in Mountains 8x10" Oil on canvas by DJ

Wednesday, September 2, 2009 was a night for mushing paint around. Don't worry; I'm just playing...

Purple Yellow 3-D 8x10" Oil on canvas by DJ

Mushing Green 1 8x10" Oil on canvas by DJ

Mush n Scratch 1 10x8" Oil on canvas by DJ

Backwards J Abstract 14x11" Oil on canvas by DJ

The last is a workover of the previously posted "Color Chart Shadows". I need to get some mushing out of my system, so I can progress to a place I'll enjoy.
I repeat: Don't worry; I'm just playing...
And having fun.
Please have fun at whatever you undertake. Life is short.
Love & Laughter,


Matt DeFore said...

Nothing wrong with playing. It's nice just to let go sometimes. I may try some "mushing".

ArtPropelled said...

Maybe you are just mushing but that last painting has got my attention. What ever you do don't mush over it :-)

Shayla said...

I love them DJ. Can't beat mushing paint. These are so loose and alive.

thedomesticfringe said...

That's some awesome mushing! If I tried to mush, it would be a disaster...not to mention the mess.

Great work!

DJ said...

You're all too generous...I can already envision some "workovers" on a couple of these...
Thanks for stopping to take a look!
Love & Laughter,

Wendy said...

I think you are really brave to just let go and play - definitely something I struggle with, so I admire you! I particularly like the yellow/purple one - unusual colors seem to appear in the blends and it made me realize that playing can lead to some really interesting/exciting discoveries. Added you to my blogroll, too :) Happy mushing!

Julia Kay said...

I've definitely had good work come out of deciding I don't care and I'm just going to do something quickly or loosely... or with my eyes closed for that matter! In my experience if I stay with the process and having fun then the work emerges.

violette said...

Hey DJ! I especially love Mush and Scratch........and gosh...i can't remember the name of the other one.....they are so juicy!

I think i need to do a bit of "mushing"!

Thanks for the inspiration!
Love, violette xo

Junebug56 said...

Love the mushes! They are serendipity themselves! I had always wanted to paint with oils, but was afraid of them. Not sure what I was afraid of - maybe of not being any good at painting, or of messing up a good painting with overdoing it, something. One day I just realized that being afraid was getting me exactly nowhere, so I bought paints and canvas and just started. The result, a landscape out of my imagination, turned out not to be awful. Granted, I wasn't an instant Monet, but it wasn't bad, and I had lost my fear.
I'm now following your blog - you are an inspiration! I may have to do some mushing myself!
Love ya!

Meandering Artist said...

Beautiful DJ...I love the yellow purple dimensional painting.
Keep On Mushing!!!!