Saturday, October 3, 2009

Palette Knife Thread to the Rescue

Vertical Violet Sky 14x11 Oil on canvas by DJ

Life happens, and when it does, I go through myriad moods in reaction to stress. I'm sure you all have your act together, and don't experience any life stressors. :-)
As you know so well, in an online group, we call a conversation a "thread". I feel I'm having psychological conversations with my paintings these days, so I'm tempted to call them "threads" in lieu of "series."
I have three painting "threads" that I'm working on right now. The palette knife landscape conversation gives me the most relief from stress, so I've posted the next one in that particular thread above.
No matter what life hands me, when I get back into the studio, my equlibrium returns and joy enters the heart. I remember why I was made, and that I should share that joy with my beloved students and the few blog readers I have, hold, & cherish.
Yes, that would be you, my friend.
Love & Laughter,