Sunday, November 22, 2009

Escape to a Fantasy Land of Imagination & Skill

Last Saturday night, the 21st of November, I saw it! My husband & I went to see "Cirque du Soleil: Alegria"...
Wow...I had seen them only on television, but a live performance? Stunning.
The colorful stage was shaped and lit up like a fairyland, but as the show progressed, the high-tech changeability of the curved flooring to a totally different surface left you wondering, "How did they do that?"
The musicians introduced the show by wandering through the audience, playing instruments in costume before taking their places on stage, so they were a part of the show, not separately placed in an invisible pit somewhere.
The singers had beautiful etheral voices that took me away from everything earth-bound.
The performers were in colorful costumes that were inspired & imaginative artistry. The shapes and forms would leave any artist in the audience drooling to design something with such color and textures.
I gasped at the acrobatic acts, which were precise and varied, including fire-handlers and synchonized contortionists. The trapeze artists were amazingly strong and daring in their movements. The equipment handlers and the performers had worked together to ensure trust, so I could concentrate on the beauty of the movements, rather than worry about their safety.
And, of course, the clowns were engaging and when they pulled audience members onstage, it was hilariously entertaining. They chose simple positive themes that everyone could relate to and performed them with joy and precision.
The lighting was imaginative and the colorful pageantry was playful. The audience was taken to a faraway place in which I was seven years old again and exploring a new world of wonder & delight.
The audience responded with cheers and laughter, then ended the night with a long standing ovation of appreciation for all the hard work that went into such a dramatic show. The many performers returned to take several bows and responded to us as well with smiles and waves...
If you've not seen Cirque du Soleil, please make every effort to experience it. If you have seen a performance, please tell me about it below in comments; I'd love to hear about it!


ArtPropelled said...

I've watched it on TV which was stunning so I caqn imagine how wonderful it was to be there in the flesh. Glad you enjoyed iy DJ

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks for visiting, DJ - this is a return call. I have often seen them on TV but have never been to a live performance, but I must say I would love to do so. Glad you enjoyed it. Please call again.

Patrice said...

Oh, DJ, how I envy you. I have loved Circ for many years - It's like watching one long art performance that you want never to stop.