Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Autumn in the Studio

Thesis: I do NOT like Fall for several reasons, and this Fall season has been crazy-busy and nothing even close to resembling fun has occurred.
my studio life has been more active lately
and my prayer life has been kickin' some satanic rear-end, lemme tell ya...
and my son got to come home for a week after being on duty for seven months
and hearing from former students thanking me that they learned something in my classes when their college profs ask them to perform in an art class...
and talking to friends...and loving my husband...
(drum roll please)
having a restaurant that serves sushi open up in my little corner of the world! Woohoo! Yeah, baby.

OK,OK...I can't be negative, much to my chagrin.
I'm too blessed to be stressed
and too anointed to be disappointed!

Just One Example:
I was in my studio Saturday November 14, 2009. I was NOT in the zone for painting, but needed to mush some paint around to center myself and feel better about life. Note: Mushing paint does that for you, if you didn't know.
I pulled out a cheap canvas, secured it on my easel, and picked up a palette knife. I turned on the radio, and thought about a color selection for two seconds. Tube in hand, I squeezed out a bit o' color onto my palette knife and swiped the color across the canvas.
Simultaneously, it happened: There was a flash of awareness...
God had swiped his hand across the void in the beginning. He "told" me: "See how I felt when I first created the world? The joy you are feeling is just a tiny speck of what I felt. Think about it."
I was overwhelmed and closed my eyes to "see" what He was saying.
I fell to my knees and sat at the foot of my easel, palette knife and paint tube still in hand. I could see intense golden light and the green earth unfold...His joy was so immense and powerful, I could only take it in glimpses and moments...the trees, meadows, moutains...creatures of the land and air...the depths of the seas...the living bounty and life and golden light that sprang from His voice was too beautiful to view with a dry eye...
I praised Him with my tears, since I couldn't speak.
I always knew that God created the world. It's too organized and varied for anything else. But I had never thought about his JOY while creating!
If we puny human artists get a smile from making a silly little painting, then the First Creator was so powerfully joyful while creating a place for us, that an entire universe became a limitless display of variety and energy and life.
God was JOYFUL when He created, just like we are.
So, to remember that vision of joy, I continued that initial swipe that brought me to my knees and joyfully danced my way into a simple painting of God splitting the darkness with light. My palette knife strokes don't begin to capture the majesty, but my heart feels a small joy, maybe like on the First Day.
May He be glorified.

"Let There Be Light" oil on 16x20 canvas by DJ, hanging out with The Alpha & Omega


Rachmeal said...

That is one fine painting, and, a great entry.

Anonymous said...

Of all your paintings, this is my favorite! And the entry speaks as loud as the light. DH

srzimmartist said...

Love it! Great work.

Sadia Hussain said...

Well written, and a very nice painting! I like how you portrayed the exploding light.

ArtPropelled said...

Glad your son is home, safe and sound. Also relieved that you didn't have a bad fall in your studio. When i saw the title in my sidebar I came hairing over to check up on you. How wonderful to create art with such joy.

Patrice said...

Perfect. This really works.

I hope you are having a fabulous Thanksgiving!! My best, best wishes to you and yours..

Melikamay said...

Wow.. this is beautiful.

Say It In Color said...

I am trying to catch up with what some of you are doing and couldn't miss checking out your latest works to see what you are up to....and may I say a big WOW.....don't you love His "Wow" factor! Such a gift from Him....Sometimes so hard to express, but you expressed it in words and a painting...a powerful painting! ....thanks and have a Very Merry Christmas!!!! sherry