Saturday, February 13, 2010

His Timing is Perfect

OK, who is tired of seeing everyone's photos of their snowscapes, resulting from yet another snowfall somewhere in the western hemisphere? Raise your hands. I thought so.
If you've been snowed in and are experiencing cabin fever, complete with bored children, muddy carpets and s'mores sickness, I applaud your strength to read this far into this post.
After I had to take down the snowfall widget on my blog due to a hijacking intrusion embedded within, God saw fit to replace it with a gift of over three inches of the real stuff on our state for the first time this winter.
Last night.
Friday night.
As in, there is no school to be OUT OF today.
Then, what IS this?
It isn't a "Snow Day"...It's a weekend.
How do you celebrate that? Where is the JOY of knowing that you get to ditch school because buses can't handle back roads with black ice lurking around the shaded curves?
The alarm wasn't even set, for cryin' out loud. There was no rolling over and going back to sleep with a smirk on my face, even...
Dummy me was up taking pictures at 8 this morning, after being sleepless on the computer for three hours before that.
I wonder what my students are doing? Prolly sleeping, without the slightest hint of being impressed with God's beautiful handiwork outside.
I may have to take a nap myself.
Lord, could you do this again Sunday night? Wouldn't a long weekend be just THE best Valentines Day present?
Yes, I know it's the mild South and all that, and for us to get 2 good snows in one winter is like asking for ME to be 18 again, but...
Hey, Lord, wipe that smirk off your face...!

DJs Backyard :-)


sara's art house said...

I agree- I have seen a lot of snow pictures- but it is really beautiful and the snow covered branches just call you to come take pictures!

We have had 3 weekends of winter weather!!! SO I can sympathize! But then we homeschool so we never really get snow days...but every once in a while we take a random day off.

Manon Doyle said...

I originally come from Canada and now live in Ohio! It's beautiful for the first few days and then I'm over it. It's not so much the snow as it is the grey days...ugh!
I still love all the pics!!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

... but its such a pretty scene with the branches all 'asparkle'. I think I have made a new word for the English language there!
Loved your soliloquy - reminded me of the lovely extra days shared with the children many moons ago when school was closed due to what they say so politly over here 'inclement weather'.

DJ said...

Sara, I would have to work hard mentally to get used to 3 weekends of winter weather. :-)
Manon, I know beloved souls from Ohio and I pray for sunshine and dryness for you all.
Joan, Your "inclement weather" phrase brought a giggle to my day.
Yes, the trees were all asparkle! Everyone else makes us new words for the English language; why not you?!
Lovely to hear from you ladies~

wetoilpaint said...

I think the Lord is still smiling because they are calling for more snow! Maybe you will get that snowday!

DJ said...

Wet Oil: So THAT was the reason for the smirk?
And not the "SHE'll never be 18 again" response?
That explains a lot. He does know what He's doing; I should know better than to doubt Him. :-)

wetoilpaint said...

Lol, I am not sure what it would be like to be 18 in the world of today.
I do like that circle of chairs. Doubt, I think that's when the devil is sitting on your shoulder poking you saying, "Are you sure; are you sure?" I hope you are painting. :O) said...

DJ - I love this photo of the snowy trees - nice work!

Caryl said...

Oh heck no... I could never get tired because I don't wake up to that every morning, though I wish I did. I just LOVE the snow and in this life time I really want to see knee deep snow. Oh heck yes, bring it on.