Sunday, February 7, 2010

Technical Difficulties Still

Watercolor Journal Spread by DJ

"Death Leaves Way Too Much Negative Space" oil on 20x16 canvas by DJ

The watercolor spread is in a journal that I'm hoping to fill with ideas.
The oil painting is a reaction to suddenly learning of the November death of Jeanne Claude, Christo' wife. I admire Christo and Jeanne Claude's involved, time-consuming, monumental works, and can't imagine losing a creative partner and beloved spouse.

Yes, I'm still frustrated with probs on my blog.
Hope my sweet blogging friends can get through to read and comment.
I'm working on it, which should give anyone a laugh...LOL!
Sorry about any inconveniences to you, my friends.


Manon Doyle said...

Love your spread!!
I have no problems leaving a comment!! I hope you get it worked out!!

Sadia Hussain said...

Very nicely depicted with the blank areas! Great work!

ArtPropelled said...

Lovely journal pages, DJ. Hope all the gremlins are sorted out now.

Martha Lever said...

I love the watercolor spread! So colorful!

Zorana said...

Something is still not ok with your blog. I hope this comment goes through... It starts as your blog, but turns into a yellowpage something. I've never seen anything like it! What do the blogger people say? Oh - love the watercolor spread... I wish I could look at it longer (but it disappears so I can't).

wetoilpaint said...

Hey DJ, what did you break your blog for? Just kidding! I hadn't seen a problem. I like your Death Leaves Way Too Much Negative Space. Jeanne-Claude is missed.

wetoilpaint said...

Sorry, I do now see what's going on with your blog. I reported it. Looks like someone hijacked your blog.

wetoilpaint said...

DJ while I reported this I also just looked at blogger help and if you go there and post, to the "something is broken" add your blog address then they it seems some of the blog helpers will look at the blog and see what is causing the problem. From what I've read, it may be something you added sometime to the blog that may have a bad code causing the problem. Example a widget or something like that. I know when I click on this post, I'm not getting the problem, but on your home page, my pop-up blocker is picking up on an ad addressed (don't click on this) pop-ups. The help I read is at I hope this helps.

lyn said...

Fun blog! Thanks for stopping by mine for a look at the dichro and wire jewelry and cat sketches! I'm going to try to post more this year.
Blog seemed to behave OK for me?
Continued success!

Martha Marshall said...

What an incredible title, DJ!

I love the watercolor pages too.

Odd Chick said...

i love your cheery houses!