Saturday, May 29, 2010

My IC is Trembling with Fright

It's been so long since I posted any new artwork that I was wondering if I should change the name of my blog from "Studio" to "Garden".
But, I guess I won't since I just threw some paint around on some cardstock to make some sunny sunflowers this afternoon. :-)
Since I'm progressively stuck when it comes to my oils on canvas, I've been creating ATCs for swaps and making smaller "playthings" I enjoy. I started the backgrounds pictured here with some cheap craft acrylic paint and no plans. When the dreaded Inner Critic shows up to block your artwork, there's nothing like playing to foil his efforts.

These will be used as either backgrounds for journal pages, or small works to inspire larger canvas pieces. The first one began with a brush, which I quickly abandoned for my fingers, combined with some stamps and collage.

Chosen tools for pics two & three are fingers and an alphabet stamp. Backgrounds are actually white, not blue. Click on images for details.
So, if your IC tries to tell you things like, "You know your work isn't up to par." or "You're not really going to SHOW that to anyone, are you?" then do whatever it takes to regroup and keep creating:
~Play with paint or paper or cloth.
~Get your hands dirty and finger paint.
~Mix that media.
~Make a few ATCs and mail 'em to someone.
~Scribble and color a journal page for your photos.
~Become that seven-year-old who needs to play with play-dough or glue or crayons.
Your Inner Critic will tremble with every stroke.
Pretty soon, your Creative Confidence will soar with the eagles.
Post the results to share with us. I can't wait to see what you're up to...
Oh, yes!: Before you run off to play, please comment & tell me which sunflower pic you like best.
Thanks for commenting~

Love & Laughter, (& lots of play)


Mary said...

ooohhh I really like these. love the blue you used behind the flowers, and love the stamps - will have to remember that!!

I like the second one best.

what a great cheery flower to paint to give you IC a little kick in the arse!!! :)

Janet said...

Good for you!! That Inner Critic doesn't know what she's talking about. These backgrounds are all so bright and them!!

Shayla said...

Pretty- yellow and pink is my favorite color combo, so joyous and energetic. The second one is my favorite.

Mary said...

DJ, thanks for visiting today. I love the idea of the tennis balls!!!

Jennifer Wadsworth said...

I could feel the sunflowers in your first piece, even if it is small. I'm an expert on sunflowers, as we planted a 14 acre field next to the river a few years ago. They were magnificent. The feel and energy of the flowers is in your work ... I'd love to see you put that energy on canvas with oils.

Jennifer Wadsworth said...

It's time to mute the IC.

ArtPropelled said...

I definitely see these as HUGE canvases!!! Yes! Give IC a hoof in the rear and proceed. The third is my favourite and though you say it's white I really like the blue. I also like the lettering faded in the background .... I studied the enlarged pieces. Gorgeous work DJ!

Leya said...

I'll go for the top (first one) if I have to choose. Waiting for the next: huge!

WildCherry said...

I love them all but the first is my fave because its so loose and abstract. Glad to see you are keeping that IC in its place!

Martha Lever said...

They are all great! There is something about that first one that really caught my eye but the other two are so nice I couldn't pick which one I like the best. I love how you used the alphabet stamps!!!

Manon Doyle said...

Love the colors, DJ!! I've been working small lately also. Not as small as you, however!!
Kick that inner critic in the you know what!!

Wanda Chudzinski said...

DJ, these are beautiful! I love the idea of using them as journal pages! I just got back to my blog, after a long hiatus. Thanks for your comments, and I hope all is well with you!

lyn said...

These look like great fun!!Lovely garden pics. I've got to get out into mine. Mowing madness is just about over here!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. The "sketches" post is now up! When I work late at night I don't have good lighting for photography so I shoot in the morning. 5 more of the 100 dogs and some sketches from TV.
Tell your IC you are a work in progress and all your art teaches and leads you to new places!
Continued success!

joanne said...

Hi DJ,

What a fun blog!

I can relate to your venturing to the garden away from painting as I tend to do the same.

I like the second sunflower painting and your dialogue with the IC.

violette said...

Oh i like them all i have to choose? Glad that you and your Inner Critic are dialoguing.....i love the colours you have chosen - i think these pages would make great ATC's and backgrounds for journal pages!

Love, Violette