Monday, May 10, 2010

Well, I Wanted Color

And I got it...
No, these are not from seeds. Those little green sprouts did not spring from my soil.
Yes, I confess: This is a shameless "purchase n plug" act, but I got color!

A new bed dug and planted in one afternoon...Petunias to greet me as I arrive home from work.
Remember this close up of my rose from the last post?
It's doing rather well. Unfortunately, I don't know the name. Bummer.

This plot desperately needs mulch, but the rose will bloom well with all the buds present now.

I'd love advice on pruning, mulching, etc. for roses.Talk to me. K?
Love & Laughter,


Janet said...

I'm definitely NOT the person to give you advice about gardening! But I love your flower bed of color. How cheerful!

ArtPropelled said...

I won't give you advice.... it could be disastrous! People give me roses as gifts. Why? They die and then I've got to find the same one at the garden shop and plant it quickly before they visit. Because the roses look so healthy I must have green fingers ....little do they know! Its quite a costly procedure! My birthday is coming up ..... Please don't give me rose plants!!!

I'll hang about in the wings to see what you do next. Very pretty garden DJ!

DJ said...

Janet, Thanks for stopping by; I bet you know more about gardening than you're letting on...
Robyn, It may not be you; it may just be the soil/climate? I have your birthday marked on my calendar, so don't let me forget it! Not to worry, I can't send anything to you without an addy.

Martha Marshall said...

Beautiful petunias. I have no qualms about buying and planting sprouted stuff. LOL!

Is that rose possibly a Don Juan? It looks as if it could be. I don't know much about roses either, though I've had a few in the past. Our old new house already had six established rose bushes, so now "I are a rose gardener!" Haven't a clue what they all are yet.

I love your mulch area. Much potential there for lush plantings.

Manon Doyle said...

I'm with Janet.... no gardening advice from me. All I know is that it looks beautiful!!

Odd Chick said...

there is no shame in plugs my dear! It's the quickest way to color and now just feed regularly and remove some spent dead flowers and you'll have beauty all season. those petunias need a lot of sun- i hope it's not too shady there. have fun!

valonia said...

your garden is beautiful. Such a lovely space. Will you be showing us how to draw the wonderful flowers in your garden? I had roses once, but they didn't survive the annual rise of the Thames and drowned!

X Valonia

lyn said...

Your garden look great! Mine has been so neglected this year! I just noticed that my "empty" blog post on 100 dogs appears on your blog (I suppose because you follow me) At the end of the day I dont have proper lighting for photographing my drawings so I wait till daylight. Now the garden and other daylight activities are calling so I'm not inclined to do the photos. I'll try to catch up with myself so this dosn't happen now that I see how it appears on your blog!! Thanks for your comments on my blog I really appreciate them!
Continued success!

DJ said...

Martha, Your garden is so impressive with the raised beds and promise of veggies! Mmmm...
Manon, When you paint like you do, who needs flowers for beauty?
OddChick, Thanks for the tips; I'll watch for adequate sun.
Valonia, thanks for popping in! I've missed you.
Lyn, in the spring, the outdoors call me to the fresh air & sunshine, right along with you.

Susan Roux said...

Thanks for visiting. Your petunias will not only greet you as you arrive from work, they'll be your very own Monet!

Lovely choice of colors!

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

Your petunias are so beautiful DJ. I have so much shade in my yard so I grow lots and lots of fuchsia colored inpatients. I wish I could grow petunias.

Thanks for your comment on my blog yesterday. You made me smile.

Lee Amm

wetoilpaint said...

Hi DJ, Love the roses and petunias. I have no luck with petunias. Roses, it's a 50/50 gamble. I think a lot of results depends on the weather. Yours look beautiful! I use this Bayer product for Roses. Lowes Hardware Store, Home Depot, Walmart, others sell it.

jennifer said...

Oh gosh, my only advice about roses is keep them away from me. I have never had luck growing flowering plants.

The bursts of color in your garden are lovely!

~Babs said...

I know nothing about roses,,have never been that brave.
I ruin petunias too.
So I am no help, but I certainly admire yours. Color you got!

artistamyjo said...

I'm a new follower,hope you will check and follow my blog too !
My kind of garden..instant color. Being in Michigan we have to plant in bloom and enjoy, nothing lasts too long. Love your petunias. Amy

Martha Lever said...

I also am not the one to advise on pruning because I am a serial paint murderer. But you can come over tho Graffiti anytime--the rent is free and Fruitloops are served at every meal!

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

For roses just prune them in front of the 5 leaf so them re bloom. I would place a tower on the rose bush to hold it and make it look pretty. I would also plant flowers on the bottom. Lavender if good for your area?
Love the petunias. Instant color...way to go. It will fill up in few weeks and you will be happy. Seeding them takes too much time, i rather plug them :)
New to your blog. Love gardening and your cute blog. I see you are an artist too. Oh cool!
Come follow me back and say hi!
Gros bisous