Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Mecca of Becca

"Waters Majesty" by DJ oil & cold wax on cradled wood panels

"Earth Moss" by DJ oil & cold wax on cradled wood panels
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"Crystal Links" by DJ oil & cold wax on cradled masonite

The weekend of June 18th thru the 20th, I attended an Oil & Cold Wax Workshop with Rebecca Crowell at the West Main Artist's Co-Op in Spartanburg, South Carolina.
What a fantastic experience it was for all involved.
Rebecca is a kind, gracious person who freely shares her techniques with her students. For three days, twelve artists of various backgrounds worked through layers and mixed colors and texturized panels.
Some participants shared previous artworks at lunch together and we exchanged tips in the studio as we worked on our panels to achieve the results we desired. We were all given the same information and watched the same demonstrations by Rebecca, yet each of us created unique artwork that reflects our personalities and styles.

Rebecca has a Ning Group for Cold Wax Painters to discuss experiments and possiblities. She also has a website where you can purchase her beautiful abstracts.

If you ever have the chance to participate in one of her workshops, please do so. You won't regret it. Although I may regret Rebecca seeing the title to this post! :-)
(Rebecca, you know I love you! I just couldn't resist...Thank you for everything. )

Love & Laughter,

"Winter's Coming" by DJ oil & cold wax on cradled wood panels

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Your Mortarboard

It's that time of year.
Mortarboards and gowns are donned by excited youth in school auditoriums or in the heat of football stadiums. As you know, a mortarboard is the "cap" in the cap & gown of graduation regalia.
Zorana posted about her son's graduation and, upon seeing the awesome photo of the grads, I was inspired to write you all.
I know that perhaps you, and your families everywhere, are celebrating your babies and nieces and grandsons who have worked for years in high school and college to "survive the hassle for the tassel" and attain the privilege of a diploma.
As a high school educator, I had the privilege of assisting my students in securing those tassels to their mortarboards and holding their hands as they wept at thoughts of leaving the familiar for the unknown before walking those halls that final time before commencement. I thought of those that had college scholarships and would go on to wear another gown four years later.

But, I also know many kids who, for whatever reason, will not wear a mortarboard and gown...ever.

So, in that light, may I ask something of you?
If you are a parent of a graduate,
PLEASE be sure that you celebrate YOUR achievement of
raising your child in a manner that inspired this achievement.
I've been teaching for 25 long years, so I'm very serious about this:
It's what you MODEL for that child: reading, discipline, health, work ethic, goal-setting...
All of that determines the choices that child makes: To pass a test, to do homework, to achieve goals for themselves, to climb to the next rung of the ladder, to have fun and finish work at the same time.
Maybe grandparents did this. Maybe an influential aunt or uncle. Maybe a sibling.

After the family has gone. After the graduate has left for the beach...
Reward yourself.
You did it!
If only in secret, take a moment, DO SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR YOU, and reflect upon what it took to get him/her there.
Know that you have my gratitude for all you did. Congratulations from a partner.

Then, go inspire a young parent to do the same.
Good parents hold our future in their hands.

May they do it all with
Love & Laughter,

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oily Fingers = Happy Artist

One of my beautiful Canadian artist-blogger-friends,Shayla, asked her readers. "What is the strangest thing in your studio?"
I commented: "A CLEAN palette!!!!"

I was in the studio this morning and was puttering.
I had a clean palette.
I had a clean canvas.
Clean hands. Clean clothes.
I was puttering, alright. And nothing else. Blehhhhh....
So, I broke loose and started slapping some paint around in my frustration.
I'm no longer puttering.

YES, they're just WIPs that need developing. A LOT of developing. lol~
YES, it will take me DAYS to get this oil paint stain off my hands and nails.
YES, I'm happy.
I did more imperfect paintings to show later, too...

AND, I have more Lurking Temptresses...or should I say more Temptresses Lurking?... in my studio?
Love & Laughter, (& paint-stained hands)