Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oily Fingers = Happy Artist

One of my beautiful Canadian artist-blogger-friends,Shayla, asked her readers. "What is the strangest thing in your studio?"
I commented: "A CLEAN palette!!!!"

I was in the studio this morning and was puttering.
I had a clean palette.
I had a clean canvas.
Clean hands. Clean clothes.
I was puttering, alright. And nothing else. Blehhhhh....
So, I broke loose and started slapping some paint around in my frustration.
I'm no longer puttering.

YES, they're just WIPs that need developing. A LOT of developing. lol~
YES, it will take me DAYS to get this oil paint stain off my hands and nails.
YES, I'm happy.
I did more imperfect paintings to show later, too...

AND, I have more Lurking Temptresses...or should I say more Temptresses Lurking?... in my studio?
Love & Laughter, (& paint-stained hands)


Janet said...

Sometimes all that clean stuff can be intimidating. When I feel like that I do just what you did....I start splopping some paint on a paper or canvas and then it just starts to happen. I actually like having paint on my hands! It means I've been being creative. LOVE the paintings you did and will look forward to some new temptresses.

Stacey said...

Wow, we think alike. Love this post. Creative and passionate!

Rachmeal said...

I like what you are doing. Keep going! I see a lot of excitement and energy.

My fingers got crusted up with gesso and charcoal today, and, I took it as a good sign!

Have fun.


Janet said...

I'm back to say yes, I need an agent!! :-) I have only sold a few things and that was quite awhile ago. I've been thinking about how to go about it but haven't got anything solid yet. said...

Imperfect paintings are the best kind, it means you're pushing your boundaries and being brave. Bravo!

Shayla said...

DJ, these blew me away. They're awesome.

joanne said...

Hi DJ,

You are an inspiration, thank you!

It is time to get back into painting for me too. My hands have been dirty, but it is from working in the yard :)

sara's art house said...

Love it! I NEVER have a clean palette!

Say It In Color said...

Mine is not clean's just dried up from the project six months ago....ha!...I love what you wrote....and I love the middle one best....looks like houses, fireworks and a reflection in the lake from the light.....what fun pictures to develope! And thanks dear one for your sweet comments!! sherry

Museum of Pablo said...

Hello, I'm new here and I'm loving your posts. For me there is nothing like paint stained shirts, creations fingerprints. You are inspiring, thanks.

Meandering Artist said...

These are awesome! The second one shows the rain and high wind storms I have had that have been knocking down power every other week...and the one above it the beauty of the land after the promised rainbow and the rains have soaked in to nourish summer!
The bottom one is intriguing but I can't get a feeling for what it reminds me of as readily as the others.

Keep tossing the paint :-)