Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bedtime Story

Sometimes a woman just needs to I'm going to do some uninteresting gabbing and aimless semi-polite venting, and you can go to sleep peacefully while reading this. Just don't fall out of your chair and injure yourself. :-)
I've tried to keep this blog about art, but you know what? The best art is about life.
Life feeds our art, does it not? And I experience such joy when I'm experimenting with colors, textures, and forms. Then, I experience joy when I'm with family & friends & gardening, too. So, in my little mind, it all plays together. Some of you do this with your blogs, as well. I can count on you guys to comment on my blog more than other types of blogging folk.
And if you commented on my last post of paintings, I just replied to you in the comments there. I'm the crazy type who loves to comment several times on someone else's blog to have conversations with them, so feel free to talk to me.
Also, life sometimes interrupts art-making. I wish it didn't, but it has been doing that a lot to me lately: home repairs, health issues, work responsibilities.
I passionately love art and all of its processes. But I have another love in my life: PEOPLE.
There are artists who can blog by simply posting a painting and a price. Can't do it. That would make me totally insane.
I need to connect with people. I want to talk with people about art, making art, looking at art, and also, their lives. Or it's just not fun. I wanna know what an artist did before they went to the studio at ten a.m. I wanna know what they were thinking before they painted that still life. I wanna know what color they're going to paint their studio walls. Because I just painted mine a pale yellow, and I need motivation from you guys to do the white trim work later, when life stops interrupting.

Also, I've noticed that some people look down on bloggers who relate personal events, such as what their cat did that morning, or pics of their grandchildren. Some have deemed themselves the Blog Police and call such blogs "cat blogs" or other condescending nomers. Pshaw~ My furry art director is sitting on my computer table, purring for scratches right now; if I dis him, he's likely to get his feelings hurt. Honey, have you ever had a 15 lb. tabby pout and give you the cold shoulder?
NOT a pretty sight, lemme tell ya...
And woe to anyone who puts down a new grandmother's love for her second-generation offspring! You might as well cut off your nose to spite your face, or she'll do it for you...
As long as I'm holding who's pictured below, do you really think I care what you call my blog?

So, yes, I'm a proud "cat-blog" blogger!

(Did you see the dimple in that chin????)
And big brother gets equal blog time...

Twenty months ago...

Yes, they're two boys less than two years apart. And yes, my car knows the way to their house by itself. And yes, they can have anything they want. And yes, I have a million photos I'm restraining myself from showing you, so feel fortunate. And yes, I want to see your grands' photos, too.

You'll also notice I have a gazillion blogs featured on my blogroll. (Please see above where it states that I love PEOPLE.) Some bloggers feel it unnecessary to have too many blogs on their blogroll; they have four, maybe five. That's fine; call me an equal-opportunity featurer. :-) I like craftspeople, watercolorists, environmental land artists, cartoonists, illustrators, oil painters, art-journalers, mixed media people, photographers, textile artists, sculptors, stampers, and have you noticed? = Some folks over there on the right sidebar don't even make art! I just like what their blogs have to say. And I'm looking for more all the time...there are interesting blogs listed that have very few commenters...please pick a couple over there and check them out; they're quite lovely.
Tell them Grandmama DJ sent you...with lots of Love and Laughter, of course.


Kathleen Pequignot said...

Well, I love your "life" blog, and as far as I'm concerned it adds to the wonderful uniqueness of YOU! Thank you for always taking the time to visit me and comment on my posts. I don't write nearly as much as I'd like to, but I oftentimes feel scattered about with way too many interests. Between blogging and my old high school Facebook friends and the addition of Flickr contacts that I try to connect with, I feel spread far too thin at times. Congrats on your sweet grandchildren! I'm sure they are very blessed to have you in their lives. Blessings my friend!


Mary said...

Have I ever told you I love your heart??? You have a good, wide, lovable heart!!!!!

You know, you can get to know someone and not even meet face to face.

Who wants to just see pretty pictures of art. I want to know the artist behind the work.

Your grandchildren are beautiful, and isn't it grand :) having them.
I was feeding my little guy (22months) spoonfuls of ice-cream the other evening while he was standing next to me. For some reason he got tickled and was laughing so much that it just came pouring out his mouth! I had to make a b-line to the bathroom so I did not wet my pants!!!

Keep up the bedtime stories!!!

Mary said...

Oh, I meant to say I hope you are having a better day today too!!

Stan Kurth said...

Nice rant (is that an oxymoron?) DJ. I agree with you 100%. I love seeing into other artists lives.

Mary said...

Don't remember an over zealous comment - and it takes quite a bit to offend me!! :)

Glad you are feeling better - love those chiropractors!!

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

You make me smile very big DJ! Just be YOU and with that goes putting whatever you want on your blog...."and they will come".

I love it that you shared your grandmother pictures. You've seen a lot of mine on my blog. Congrats on becoming grandma again. Your grandchildren are so precious.

Thank you for such a sweet comment you left for me on my post today. Your comment confirms to me that I am to continue onto my blog with this book and art journaling.

Dan Kent said...

I loved your bedtime story. My big surprise when I started my blog was the connections I've made - many feel (much) stronger than those with acquaintances that I see in person. It was a delightful surprise, and feeds my blog everyday. And now I am delighted to have found you (and your beautiful grandchildren, of course - meow.)

sara's art house said...

I get so sick of people who try to tell others how to blog! A blog is your own personal log of life! I like to hear and see personal stuff about people and see the cute babies!!!

Lotus said...

YOu're so awesome DJ!
'Nuff said...!

ArtPropelled said...

I agree with Lotus ... You're awesome DJ and I love everything you write on your blog. There's more to an artist than the actual art she/he creates and I also like to know all the facts. What makes an artist tick and what she did just before going into the sudio ... or after.

TJ said...

More power to ya sister! I think you're a terrific cat lovin' grandma. AND an amazing artist. Love and hugs from germany, tj

Diane said...

Yes, exactly!! Your blog is just that--it's yours, and you can do whatever you want on it! I love reading about artists' lives--it's what brings their art alive. And I'm such an art freak, I love whatever artists want to share about their why and how they create--every aspect.
Isn't it great to be your own "boss" when it comes to publishing your posts?!

DJ said...

~Kathleen, I love commenting on your journal pages! While you're connecting with folks in the many online communities, don't forget to schedule time for you, personally and creatively.
~Mary, As for my heart, all I can say is, It takes one to know one! Your blog has touched so many people, and I'm definitely one of them. Keep sharing His Love.
~Stan, When my drawings grow up, they wanna be your drawings. If anyone reading this hasn't seen Stan's blog, please visit Watermedia Works from my blogroll for some soulful drawing and painting.
~Lee Ann, There's no question that you should continue sharing your journey with us. I believe that tunnel was a faith metaphor for what you're going through right now. He's with you all the way.
~Dan, I love your sense of humor as much as your artwork. And yes, we can connect with others online as well as those in our everyday lives. I look forward to seeing more of your awesome acrylics!
~Sara, Your blog is PURE EYE CANDY for us colorists, my sweet friend. There's a part of me that wants to visit your house and eat your!~
~Lotus, You know you're the bomb-dizzle in my book! (I do hope bomb-dizzle is a good thing...)Your dolls are fantasmagorical and your stamps are legend, kid. Love Ya!
~RobynDarling! Your blog is so WILDLY popular that it's become an institution. Beauty begets beauty. Keep arting, Beautiful!
~TJ, Even all the way from Germany, I can sense your gentle spirit and quiet determination. Keep using your superpowers for Good, my friend.
~Diane, If you continue to create those colorful, imaginative boxes, please warn people to wear a drool bib when visiting your blog. It will save many keyboards. I'm just saying.
Love & Laughter to all my Blogging Buddies

Shayla said...

I came over as soon as I saw that cute baby in my blog roll- "Ah- that must be DJ's new grandson." You've found your people and we like that slice of life you've shared. After all doesn't life feed art? One of the things I love about you is the way you love people. That comes through.


Monica Burnette said...

Just remember what Dr Suess said:

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.


Jennifer Wadsworth said...

DJ - I was thinking of quoting Dr. Seuss as Monica did ... so true. I agree with Diane too. I'm new to blogging and your posts give me courage to go ahead and let this world know me and my work. You were one of the first to encourage me ... I have some lovely grandchildren and know exactly what you're talking about. So precious. I like to read what artists think ... not only see their work. And again, the work should speak for itself. I do have some conflicts about language mixing with visual ... Ah ... it will all be clear to me eventually.

Caryl said...

Just my oppinion, personally I get bored when all I see is someone's amazing art work which is why I found them in the first place. I also want to know all the nitty gritty. The weather, the rain on the window while preparing to paint a master piece. I also love the fact that the dog or cat just knocked over your tea and ruined your new quilt you were making. Not you but you know what I mean.
I don't have many followers for that same reason, my blog is me, through and through, good days, bad days, and everything inbetween. I love your work, your mind and your wanderings around the planet. :o)

Odd Chick said...

This made me chuckle. I could just feel all the love you have for us, your kids, grandkids and even your cat. We're kindred souls for sure.
BTW- I love your blog roll. You have some of the best sites listed and I have made lots of new friends by visiting your list- so thanks for being you and for sharing the love.

Usha said...

I love this DJ! This is you and I know you are a good person at heart. You are so lucky too! I love grand kids, I haven't become one yet,but I am ready.
Life is a mixture of all. I love to share it the way you did. Only problem is I am not good in expressing it out! May be that is why I love to read and know people and their story. I am really inspired by your blog. I am going to try, may be one step at time.

Martha Marshall said...

DJ, thanks so much for sharing yourself as and artist and person the way you do, and for sharing pics of those adorable boys!! You are truly blessed.

I so appreciate your coming by and bringing a smile to my blog on a regular basis. I promise to jump into the comment pond more often -- after all this canning is done!

artbyjune said...

I love the baby photos. I want to see the tabby cat too!! You have an engaging writing style DJ!!! Keep posting 'life' things. I never do that...will I in the future? I never do anything much in my life, except paint, write and walk the dog...Mind you I had a great dream last night about walking thru a huge department store, looking for the art supplies. Ha ha.

WildCherry said...

Who cares about the blog police? Your blog is a reflection of you and you are free to put into it any darn thing you want! How much better than those blogs that simply re-post someone else's purported wisdom! Your blog is fresh and loveable just like you darling :)

Wanda Chudzinski said...

DJ, I love your blog, and so do a lot of other people. We are artists and our life inspires our art. :)

Janet said...

I say it's your blog so write what you want! If people don't like it they don't have to read it. Personally I enjoy learning about the people behind the blog. I like seeing art but I also like getting to know the person who created it. As for pictures of grand kids, if they're all as cute as yours then keep showing them!

Joan Breckwoldt said...

What a great post, you cat blogger you! And beautiful grandchildren. I'll be back for more,

DJ said...

Hugs to all my sweet commenters~
~ Shayla, You're so special. Thanks so much for putting up with my purple couch comments. I still miss our phone conversations. :p Give her my love.
~ Monica, I love Dr. Seuss! And that quote is always a great one. Keep painting, sweet friend.
~ Jennifer, I'm so glad you felt encouraged because I LOVE your artwork. As for words vs. art, you'll notice I try not to talk as much when I post paintings, and there wasn't art displayed in this post. So, no worries.
~ Caryl, I agree wholeheartedly! That's why you're in my blogroll, dear friend. Enjoy life, always.
~ O.C., You're such a wonderfully soulful person, with a love of life that many people wish they had...
~ Usha, You just keep being you. I love your spectacular artwork, and would recommend your blog to anyone reading this who needs to see fab paintings.
~ Martha, You're an amazingly energetic woman, whose many talents I sincerely admire. I can only dream of physically doing everything you do in one summer! A bountiful garden and amazing art.
~ June, I am waiting patiently to hear about this dream! Keep making your art and sharing it with us. You're a beautiful person.
~ WildC, You are the woman. You have two blogs and so much inside of you that is just waiting to be expressed. Please keep us updated on your adventures; you're so important to so many, my friend.
~ Wanda, I love your latest prints! Please keep posting your beautiful work. The world is waiting.
~ Janet, You're just oozing with ideas and colors and designs! I can't wait for the ATC Swap; thanks for hosting it. Hugs~
~ Joan, I checked out your blog and found such cool posts there about your plein air work while traveling. Please return here for a visit anytime, because I'm certainly going to be keeping up with you. :-)
Love & Laughter to all my Blogging Buddies ~ Please check out their FAB blogs!

judie said...

Dear Grandma DJ cat blogger life story teller. I linked here from somewhere??? and I LIKE your blog so keep on what you do because I have put you in my favs and I'll be back. I enjoy variety and not the same ol same ol. I am just getting back to blogging and painting after a couple of years away...well trying...I want to tell you that I really like your "Fiery Female" and "Lurking Temptress" paintings. They are awesome!

Michelle McSpadden said...

Hi DJ!!

I enjoy your blog and admire that you are able to share so much of yourself in addition to your work. I hope to do more of that in the future as I gain more comfort with blogging, but it's a bit like publishing one's diary, so I'm just taking my time. : )

BTW, HAPPY Sunday!!

the domestic fringe said...

Ok, blogger hates me and lost my comment in an error.

What I said was...

Your blog is perfect! Your grand-boys are adorable and photos of them are always good. Do we get to see a picture of your yellow studio?

I'll have to check out some blogs on your sidebar when I have a few extra minutes.

Martha Lever said...

Hi DJ, I loved your post today!!! AND you KNOW I love seeing pics of grandchildren. And yours are absolutely precious!!!

~Babs said...

Having been out of town, I almost missed this post, and what a pity that would have been!
I too, want to 'know' the artist behind the work, and maybe even that they had meatloaf last night.
I try to keep art on my blog all the time, but as you say,,,,I'm living life every day too. Creating life,and life doesn't wait! Hey, DJ,,,aint it all good!!

joanne said...

Hi DJ,

Precious! Now I have permission to post photos of my new and first grandbaby, thank you :)

Yes, life is art!

steveroni said...

DJ, thank you for dropping by steveroni's place. I do not remember being here on yours, but you know...we agree on so much, I think I've got about 70 or 80 on my blogroll now, just keep adding, cannot stop! I LOVE it--and Peeps!

And my cat, dog, stepdaughter, other children (mine) and violin, etc., ALL have a place on my blog if I'm so inspired. Even my Great Grandson!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

I just had to add myself to the 33 other bloggers who love your chatty posts and make us feel so welcome into your life. As for grand children, they make our lives so sweet - and exasperating (wait until the eldest is 18!! like mine). Why do you think we moved to Norfolk - to be near our three grand daughters - and our own lovely daughter as well of course. Plan to use a photo of the two youngest (nearly 12 and 10)running on the sands at Mundesley for a forthcoming Reflections show, so you will see them when I post the result. Keep it up - the chat I mean - you write with such feeling. Should you aspire to be an author as well as an artist??

Shopgirl said...

Dj you and I have not met before, but today was a very good day for me to come visit. And yes, we are going to exchange ATC. I am not real sure how this works, might need your guidence.
Your post today says what so many of us probably feel. I craft, I have no talent for painting, but I do love to look at all the beautiful work that I have found in my time of blogging.
I love my blog family, but I have not really been one to adventure out very much, I should, look what I have missed by not...YOU!
Your post hit the nail on the head for me. I am many things that have nothing to do with art, but it all comes together when I make things with my hands. A life time of being me.
I live in Nampa, Idaho. We have a small but productive farm. Our house was built in 1906 and when we bought her, she needed so much love. And with time we have had a life here and this little farm cottage has given us a sweet life. Sometimes art is not on a canvas, it is taking down walls, re-doing oak floors, having a husband that can build and listens. Getting dirty and cleaning up together.
Having Children visit with all those wonderful Granchildren to put in a special place in our hearts. I love to write, but my spelling is awful...I love knowing the person behind all the art. Janet was my first visiter when I started this adventure. I had no idea what I was doing or going to do with it. Have a wonderful Day, Mary

Becky Joy said...

I think grandkids deserve blog time. Really cute, had to look twice.

Shopgirl said...

I think your new Grandson is adorable...Hugs, mary

Say It In Color said...

YAY...YAY...YAY!!!! You said all the right things for me to hear!!! I got semi-blessed out for putting too much "boring" personal stuff on my blog a while back....which I still do, but was leary for a long time.... to post such self centered nonsense .... !??? ....Phooey! are is all our life and who we are....and life is colorful art. So glad to see Caryl above...I LOVE her story and she is a brave precious soul! So HI!! to you all....and a big hug to you DJ....I love your ranting too! OK, Now to go blog about how busy I've been... or something!

Diane Hoeptner (hep-ner) said...

DJ: You are a credit to the artist/blogging community and an absolute delight!

Poetic Artist said...

New beautiful joy of life. I can tell you are so proud of your grandchildren..You should be and 2 under the age of 2..
Thank you for commenting on my blog. Your thoughts mean a lot to me..I agree with what your post and it is so true..Art and Life go hand in hand my friend..
Take care.

Butterfly Works said...

Oh Ilove your blog...your honest and pure glad I came over for a visit......

Your grandbabies are beautiful...

I like you think art and life go hand in hand so keep talking sister, I love it......

Carol Engles said...

Hi DJ,
Yes... Post whatever you want on your blog. It's your life and your art! Your honesty, personality and character comes through your blog. How can anyone argue with that? I personally don't write much about myself on my blog, but that's me! I am actually writing a murder mystery set on a ranch - when I HAVE TIME! That's where my writing energy goes I guess. Thanks for all your wondergul and inciteful comments about my art. Your adorable grandchildren are a blessing for you and your family. Thanks for sharing the joy with us!

violette said...

Hi DJ! I love your life blog and what you choose to focus on – you bring so much passion and joy to whenever you do! You are such a blessing.

Thank you for being such a lovely friend.

Love violette

Martha Lever said...

Hi DJ! Thank you so much for your comment today and that Scripture hits the mark with me for sure. Thanks SO much for that timely Word!!! oxox

DJ said...

Hugs to all the commenters here!~
~Judie, So glad you came by; thanks for your kind words on my Temptress paintings. Please return anytime.
~ Michelle, I was thrilled to find your blog with awesome art and a strong faith. I'll be checking on you.
~FringeGirl, I'll try to get photos of the studio when I can clean it! lol... Your snappy blog keeps me happy, girlfriend.
~Martha, Who can keep up with your multiple talents shown on your blog? You can make beauty in so many ways; thanks for stopping here.
~Babs, Yes, it's all good~ Stop and take care of you amongst the activity. And definitely get in some painting time, lady!
~Joanne, Your grandson is adorable! I love your garden posts, too. You teach so much through your blog. Thank you~
~Steve, You're amazing. I love your writing. Keep going.
~Joan, I understand why you would move closer to your family! Thanks for your encouragement; I consider you a friend.
~Shopgirl, Thanks for telling me about yourself; you've led such an interesting life. I can't wait to swap ATCs with you!
~Becky Joy, I love your artwork! I'll be checking on your blog to see more. Thanks for visiting. Please return!
~Sherry, you just keep sharing all that love, art, and life over on your blog! If anyone doesn't like it, they can be quiet & go away.
~Diane, I can't wait to see you rise from the ashes like a beautiful Phoenix! Keep painting...
~Katelen, Thanks for visiting. Keep walking in the Light, one step at a time.
~Butterfly, it means so much to me that you took the time to read my blog! I'll be visiting yours soon. {{Hugs}}
~Carol, a murder mystery! Love it! Keep writing; I wanna see it published. That's awesome. Whee~
~The Divine Miss V, You were my first artist's blog that inspired me and captivated me. I love you for everything you are and all you create. {*Heart Cartwheels*}
~Martha, you've led me to so many beautiful verses from the Bible in your beautiful calligraphy, I was just trying to return the favor. May His strength surround you as you travel...
OK, Peeps! Now let's get busy & visit some of those blogs on the right sidebar!
Love & Laughter,

Susan Roux said...

Hi DJ, thanks so much for your comment. I want to email you, but don't have your email address. Can you email it to me please. Thanks

Arty Velarde said...

I loved your rant and I loved seeing your grand babes. I can't wait to have a few myself!

steveroni said...

...and I'm here to say that sometimes I comment two or three times, or even hold running conversations if that is the evolution of some comment.

Just HAD to weigh in here again. You have the support of LOTS of Peeps it looks like from here.
Blessings on your art and your life!

Sorry I sound so depressed--BIG GRIN!

Mary said...

Thanks DJ, I am excited to see how God uses this, and thank you so very much for your prayers!!

steveroni said...

Hey, it's me, I'm back...comment #3, but I'm not embarrassed. When ya get my age (77) ya don't much care any more--grin!

Listen, in ten days I'm leaving on my motor scooter, on my second annual whatever, for several weeks--no time table, no real agenda, etc. Will begin in Miami, then (actually) wherever the wind blows, BUT a couple commitments.

On Saturday night in Charleston SC I'll be speaking at an AA meeting. Next "planned" stop is in Huntersville, just north of Charlotte, NC

Point is, I'll be biking up I-77 from Columbia to Charlotte, and if you live where I think you do, it would be an idea place for me to pull off the X-Way and have a nice coffee for a few minutes (well, an HOUR!) Do not have exact day or yet for that part of my ride, but probably something like Mon or Tues 23 or 24th...or could be any day. My time is--for these three weeks, MINE--grin!

Please let me know if this idea is feasible.

I'll probably take my violin this year, was sorry about leaving it home last August.

The objective of my trip last year was to meet as many of the bloggers as I could, and I can tell you, it is REALLY COOL!


Jeane said...

wonderful post DJ :)

Patrice said...

Dearest DJ - My favorite blogs are cat and art and life blogs, not necessarily in that order...

It's a great big world and there's room for all - no potshots needed.

We all love you for your artistic AND personal style.

Lesly Finn said...

Hi DJ ... how strange that you should write all that the very week I decide change how I write my art blog!

And I agree with everything you have written .... wish we could meet up in person but until then 'here's looking at you, kid'! x

Virginia Floyd said...

Hi, DJ. I came here from your comment on Susan Roux's painting. I enjoyed your critique.

I'm new to painting and blogging, and I worry a little about what I write...don't want to be boring or appear (heaven forbid!) needy. I agree with you that I love hearing about the lives of the people who are making the art that they post. No one is doing this in a vacuum; live goes on all around us while we get to paint a little.

Love the pictures of your grand babies!

Lille Diane said...

Oh DJ, what you wrote was a conversation. You engaged me (and my grands are small too read) and I feel like you are a friend. Yes, life does get in the way sometimes to list the details of what I did that morning before I painted that picture or what my exact thoughts were about it--but more often than not, my blog is a safe place for me to share the tender moments...just like you just did. Those are the moments that make my heart swell. My heart got all "swollded" up looking at your grands; just precious. Your Grands are GRAND! Plus everyone knows cats help us do everything so why not mention them from time to time? [big grin] From one artist, cat, people, family, grands, and life blogger to another. xxoo Lille said...

DJ -
I always appreciate all your blog posts on my blog and your blog is wonderful to read and don't change a thing! Your grandchildren are gorgeous and LOVE the chin dimple. BTW, I just got a new house=new studio and I'm thinking of painting my studio walls with that chalkboard paint (so cool) so I can plan, draw, write goals, etc, right on my wall!

DJ said...

You're all so sweet and supportive!
~ Susan, Thanks for chatting via e-mail. Your paintings are stunning, and I admire your spunk.
~ A.V., There's nothing like cuddling a grandchild, then handing them to their mom when they have a dirty diaper. JK, I was the first grandparent to change my first grandchild, and will brag about that until he's twenty. :-)
~ Steve, Please travel safely! We'll talk about lunch in Charleston; my hubby & I visit there occasionally for a change of scenery.
~ Mary, You are an inspiration to your readers, and now you'll be an inspiration to a church member in sharing your journaling with others. YAY!
~ Jeane, Thanks for visiting.
~ Patrice, If anyone knows style, it's you. Keep making those sales, kid! Love ya.
~ Lesly, I can't wait to see your next pastel painting. Everyone should see your amazing work!
And, yes, if only we could meet our fave blog sisters for a cuppa or lunch...
~ Virginia, please return anytime. I love your paintings; such great use of values and color. Such talent...
~ Rachel, my home state girl!~ Love your idea of chalkboard paint; please let me know how it turns out. Those two dogs in your last painting are adorable...

Well, fellow bloggers, this has been a blast. I've enjoyed my summer blog-surfing with you, and will try to post regularly during the school year, also.
Keep being WONDERFUL.

Love & Laughter to All,

Martha Lever said...

Again, great words of wisdom from DJ. I SO appreciate you, DJ!

wetoilpaint said...

Wow DJ, look at all your blog comments!
You've got lots of friends in blog land.
It is great to read about paints and art boxes and brushes,but, grandbabies, gardens, grocery shopping trips, etc, add so much to one's life. Artists are just not one dimension people, but well-rounded and multifaceted.
Sound also like you are back-to-school? Have a great and wonderful year!

Celeste Bergin said...

hey, if you are going to have a cat blog, shouldn't there be cat represented somewhere? haha. Congratulations on the grandbabies. They are certainly the best that life has to offer--and you can be and should be proud to show them off--a blog is a perfect venue for that.
I remember that I used to be one of those who just put up a painting without much text (a long time ago)...but once I had an argument with someone and I was so torqued I blogged about it. Someone I knew told me that she l"oved how honest that was". After that I began to blog about what was real instead of simply putting paintings on display. I owe that person a debt--she was the one who got me to understand that what is really going on in a person's life--the good and the bad-- is always more interesting that a string of pretty visuals.
Cat bloggers unite. lol.

Mary Hicks said...

Hello sweet DJ! I'm so glad I stopped by and read this post, it's just lovely and after having read it, I feel refreshed!

A woman I worked with in Monte Vista, CO is a ceramic artist (among other things). I'd like for you to visit her blog and have a look at her wonderfully, whimsical work. She used to display some of it in the coffee shop, and it always made her (and me!) so mad when people didn't treat it with respect. Anyway, enjoy Sharon's works:
She also has a blog, but I can't find the link right now. Will share when I can! XOXOXOXOXO Mary