Monday, July 19, 2010

One Canvas, Three Paintings

2010 City Inferno by DJ oil on 16x20 canvas

2010 Fleeing Fire by DJ oil on 16x20 canvas

2010 Red Haired Lurking Temptress by DJ oil on 20x16 canvas
The City Inferno was my third Red Canvas painting. I was trying to resolve my application of paint instead of simply drawing into a background color, which was becoming a worrisome habit. So, I used my fingers to smush paint around to obliterate the drawing and attempt a less-than-literal effect.
After posting it, I tried again. In the second painting, I was again, drawing instead of painting with the blue-clouded woman in Fleeing Fire. It may have been a step backwards; but it didn't worry me too much.
There's always turpentine and more paint.
In the third attempt, I abandoned the blue and painted over the canvas with red to begin again. I finger-painted yellow waves across the horizontal canvas and looked...I scratched through to the blue below in shadow valued lines and kept looking. Water? Mountains?
Ahhh...there you are...I turned the canvas vertically and carefully added her features.
Another Lurking Temptress...lurking there beneath the paint...
At the posting of this succession, I have already altered her further, but due to lack of camera batteries, won't share at this time. (So professional, DJ! Bleh~)
Suffice it to say that her features are now even more hidden than the photo here, making her reason for lurking even more mysterious.
Is she hiding in fear as a victim?
Is she lying in wait for her next victim?
I'll let the viewer supply the storyline...feel free to comment with ideas...
If I decide to paint over her, I'll keep it to myself. I'm sure you're tired of seeing this canvas, so I'll move on. There are three paintings past her in the Series now, and I may have a seventh Red Canvas painting lurking in me...
But Dear Reader, I'd rather you not lurk...please leave a comment...
Love & Laughter,


Lotus said...

I loved watching the process and the evolution of this painting! Very cool! I really like your third version best.
She strikes me as the soul of the fire, seeking more fuel... ; ) Beautiful, but deadly...

Diane said...

Yes, every process, artistic in it's own way. and I have to agree with Lotus--the third version is very cool. It's fun to do this, because you can just keep doing more until you know it's finished.

DJ said...

I agree, Ladies. An artist always hopes that their latest work is an improvement over their former attempts.
Lotus, So glad you're back online, girlfriend. See you on the Journal Swap pages at Coach Creative Space!
Diane, It's actually freeing, knowing that you can paint over it at any time, isn't it?

Shayla said...

As for the second temptress, my version of the story is that she's not afraid, she's not looking to victimize, but she's playful, free and the viewer would be advised to get to know her and see what fun she has in store.

Ramadhani said...

I like your design. the process of your painting very cool. I can see the evolution make a beatiful painting. Thanks for share


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Looks and sounds like you had great fun. So unusual to use such dark reds as an overall palette and I can see your finger marks working in there. We all seem to want to get more 'abstract/modern' and you are achieving it baby.

Martha Lever said...

WOW, DJ, very cool!!! I think I like the third version best too.

Amy said...

very cool, mysterious feel! i like your unique style!
i'm a new follower to your blog and can't wait to see more!

~Babs said...

Oh yeah,,,Love seeing the process. It's all about the process, and oil so lends itself to change, experiment,,,,,and magic!
She is very much a tease, a trickster, and unique. I always like that in a gal!

indigomar said...

The City Inferno is intriquing and I think I like it the best. These paintings have a monoprint feel, which makes them so expressive, spontaneous and free. I love it when there is an instantaneous look to a painting; fresh--which you've managed with these.

indigomar said...

Hi DJ-- its me again. After re-reading your post, I realized that as your title says this is One canvas, Three paintings. Knowing that you have an evolution happening makes it more intriquing.
It's interesting to see what's underneath The Red Haired Lurking Temptress--where you started and where you're going. I'm glad you went back to the red on the third canvas and turning the canvas always adds interest. I look forward to seeing the further alterations, I'm not tired of looking at her!

joanne said...

Hi DJ,

Enjoying watching your process and free spirit. Makes me want to get out some oils and maybe even fingerpaint ;)

I await her next chapter.....

studiooorange said...

I just love the process of painting and repainting! It is interesting, motivating and yet frustrating. I have experienced the struggle of relinquishing my drawing skills in order to develop a painterly technique. Drawing is the foundation of painting and yet a completely different process. It is fun and exciting to watch that process unfold in your work.

steveroni said...

DAMMMMIT DJ, I have too many blogs which are outstanding, and cannot get to them all to read and comment.

And NOW--NOW I find another one...YOURS! Anyone who comments so nicely as you did on steveroni, well, you MUST be GoooooD, girl! SO I'll be BACH!

Probably tomorrow

Manon Doyle said...

Hey, DJ! I think I like the third version the best also. I've never painted with oils but you make me want to try it. : ) Someday!! I don't know if I have the patience to let them!
Btw... thanks for your comment today!! I truly appreciate it!!

ArtPropelled said...

I'm going to be quite contrary and say that I like the second one and I really like the drawing into the paint....... but I also like the third one.

Martha Lever said...

Hi DJ!! Yes, that is a wonderful Verse!!!!!oxox

Dan Kent said...

The one of this group I love the most is City Inferno. I think it is neat that your works at first glance are nonrepresentational, and then the image appears. Very unique.

Gary Heller said...

Awesome work, DJ!! i love the swirling colors and textures. That first one really does it for me, although all are really fantastic.
Super work

Odd Chick said...

No we're not tired of it. ARe you crazy?? this is very interesting how you work through the process to get what you want. I'm loving it and the mystery is YOU and what you will do next with this piece.

DJ said...

Thanks for the messages, friends!
~Shayla, I like your interpretation of her attitude. Says a lot about your delightful personality.
~Ramadhani, I hope you'll return for future visits. Your blog is really cool.
~Joan, thanks for always making me feel special when you're around. Hugs!
~Martha, thanks for looking; you're an amazingly productive artist and I'm glad you read my blog.
~Amy, I always love new visitors, and I'll be checking your blog regularly.
~Babs, after what you've been through, the fact that you're blogging and commenting is inspirational to me. Keep arting!
~Indigomar, what a talented artist you are! Thanks for sincerely posting your opinions; it means so much to me.
~Joanne, I hope to do more of the red canvases. Thanks for enduring my opinions in your blog's comment section. You're wonderful.
~S.O., I consider your opinions seriously, and appreciate your comments. Keep blogging; the world needs you.
~Steve, You're just awesome, buddy! I want to hear your music; would there be videos on youtube? I'm definitely going to find out.
~Manon, One thing I love about oils is that you can change things before they dry; since I make so many mistakes, I need to adjust them before drying time.
~Robyn, Darling! You may be contrary anytime you like! hugs~
~Martha, thanks for having conversations with me in comments! Love it...
~Dan, I checked out your blog and love your work. Hope you return soon.
~Gary, Thanks for commenting; I know you have a great eye.
~O.C. I needed to hear this today. And I just love ya for it! {{big Hugs}} You're a fantastic woman. Thank you.
I better get into the studio and see where this series leads me...
Love & Laughter,

WildCherry said...

You are really on a roll, Deej and you are inspiring me with your experimentation. I had been getting in a rut with my work as well and realised recently how essential it is to remember to experiment. Thanks for fuelling the reminder :) said...

Thanks for introducing me to Sara's blog! She has lots of good ideas : )

Bob said...

I think each piece is a journey that only the artist can decide when its reached its end. I love being able to see and read about the process you went through. I like the scratching away to reveal what is underneath it adds a whole other texture to a painting.

Zingara said...

Stopped by to take a look! WOW All this time I never realized what an artist you truly are. Your "fleeing" version is my favorite. It has a depth of feeling i am able to connect to.
Is it for sale? If so I would love to hear from you and possibly purchase.

steveroni said...

Even though any hue of blue is my color-love, I cannot take my eyes of of RED, and the she-lurker.

Being old AND old-fashioned AND unschooled in oil painting, I prefer her not become more vague, or 'less literal'.

Other Peeps are surely correct when they claim you to be a "Master Painter". I see that also.

And BTW, I am always full of both
LOVE AND LAUGHTER! (What a life!)

shazartist said...

lol..I dont want to be seen as a lurker..
Baby boys so very cute.
I suppose I liked to do acrylics for more abstract work..then finish off with oil if I have you are doing very well..I find the oils get muddy if I play to much. .. the 3rd.