Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yoohoo...Anybody There....?

Hi, dear readers. (If there are any left...)
Guess what I've been doing?
Oh, you're so intelligent; I like that quality in my friends. You guessed it:
School's back in session.
This old art teacher has been given new life: a brand spanking new school building.
Bright. Shiny. Complete with all the bells & whistles. Technology up to our earlobes, too.
I've been unpacking books and paper and reproductions and paint and brushes and yarn and easels and scissors and crayons and pens and still life objects and clay and glazes and more...
My back was really affected by all the lifting during the unpacking, to the point where I woke one morning and couldn't stand up straight. Fortunately, I have one of the best chiropractors on the east coast. After a few appointments, I've returned to my normal activities.
I've also been working late to prepare visuals for classes and meet all the deadlines.
Stop yawning; I'm not to the boring part, yet...Meetings.
Meetings, meetings. And more meetings.
There are new procedures for everything, since we're in a totally new environment. The administrators must gather teachers to explain procedures for lunch, hall passes, morning duty, and contacting the administrators if you have any questions about these procedures.
Then, there's training on all the new technology. My desk is not a desk; it's a cockpit. I feel like a rock star wearing the new microphone system. Funny how those tech trainers think you already know how to transfer your computer image to the 76" flatscreen LCD television. They skipped that chapter in my classroom management course back in the Dark Ages.
Of course, everyone wants a tour of the new facilities. Some of those everyones are community or state v.i.p.s who must be entertained or handshook to some degree.
One night, I arrived home early. It was about five-thirty pm, but I just crawled into the bed, and slept until eleven-thirty that night. Tired? Maybe.

So I just needed to tell someone that's why I haven't been blogsurfing in a while.

Students? Oh, yes. I've made time for them, also. Not sure yet what they're thinking about the new digs, but they keep coming to my room to talk about their latest problem and share artwork produced over the summer.
Thank goodness some things never change.
And after all, the things that stay the same are the ones that are most important.
Love & Laughter,

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

You Know and I Know You Know

Yellow! It just had to be yellow, didn't it?
I had a red series going, and should have done two more red canvases.
Nooooo. I began painting with yellow.
And now, the camera won't pick up the warm "golden" yellow for a photo; it shows it as a bright lemon yellow. Yes, I'm painting in layers and glazes and mixing it all up. It's what I do.
Please tell me how to fix this. I know you know. You're smart, experienced, and you photograph your paintings all the time; I know because I drool over your paintings constantly when I visit your blog. And none of them look like the neon yellow in my golden yellow paintings. Lighting? Camera? Settings?
Go ahead; dish! Spill it. Whisper it in my ear...

2010 Yellow Series 1 Planet Flyers by DJ oil on 20x16" canvas

2010 Yellow Series 2 Pansy 2 by DJ oil on 20x16" canvas

2010 Yellow Series 3 Couple in Shelter by DJ oil on 16x20" canvas

How's your studio time going? Tell me about it. I wanna hear. Really. Please.
Love & Laughter,