Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yoohoo...Anybody There....?

Hi, dear readers. (If there are any left...)
Guess what I've been doing?
Oh, you're so intelligent; I like that quality in my friends. You guessed it:
School's back in session.
This old art teacher has been given new life: a brand spanking new school building.
Bright. Shiny. Complete with all the bells & whistles. Technology up to our earlobes, too.
I've been unpacking books and paper and reproductions and paint and brushes and yarn and easels and scissors and crayons and pens and still life objects and clay and glazes and more...
My back was really affected by all the lifting during the unpacking, to the point where I woke one morning and couldn't stand up straight. Fortunately, I have one of the best chiropractors on the east coast. After a few appointments, I've returned to my normal activities.
I've also been working late to prepare visuals for classes and meet all the deadlines.
Stop yawning; I'm not to the boring part, yet...Meetings.
Meetings, meetings. And more meetings.
There are new procedures for everything, since we're in a totally new environment. The administrators must gather teachers to explain procedures for lunch, hall passes, morning duty, and contacting the administrators if you have any questions about these procedures.
Then, there's training on all the new technology. My desk is not a desk; it's a cockpit. I feel like a rock star wearing the new microphone system. Funny how those tech trainers think you already know how to transfer your computer image to the 76" flatscreen LCD television. They skipped that chapter in my classroom management course back in the Dark Ages.
Of course, everyone wants a tour of the new facilities. Some of those everyones are community or state v.i.p.s who must be entertained or handshook to some degree.
One night, I arrived home early. It was about five-thirty pm, but I just crawled into the bed, and slept until eleven-thirty that night. Tired? Maybe.

So I just needed to tell someone that's why I haven't been blogsurfing in a while.

Students? Oh, yes. I've made time for them, also. Not sure yet what they're thinking about the new digs, but they keep coming to my room to talk about their latest problem and share artwork produced over the summer.
Thank goodness some things never change.
And after all, the things that stay the same are the ones that are most important.
Love & Laughter,


Say It In Color said...

Well, I have been checking your blog several weeks now, but knew you were gearing up for school so just prayed for you instead. I knew you would clue us in when you were ready .... boy, What a gift to have all those new digs!! We will be anxious to hear all about it! I pray for you to have a big precious positive affect on those growing future citizens.....we need more teachers like you!! Have a blessed semester!!

Janet said...

I'm still here, and it's good to see you posting again. This seems to be a busy time of year for lots of folks.

Congrats on the new techie school and I hope you don't have to go to too many more meetings....they can really get boring after awhile!

PS - my verification word is "ducks"....maybe as in getting all your ducks in a row!!

Lotus said...

Wow DJ!
I think it's awesome that you get to experience all the new high-tech stuff, but you're right, nothing beats just being able to share hands on with your teacher... Good luck this year. I'm still watching out for posts... ; )

DJ said...

Thanks for the kindness, Ladies!
It's nice to know I'm not forgotten amidst all the demands of real life.
If I could just pick out the great things of Summer (studio time, sleeping late, making choices), and combine it with certain "stressless" aspects of my work life,(interacting artistically with students) I would be so content.

MHH said...

Dear DJ,

What a wonderful gift you've been given - a new school, new classroom, new procedures - everyone will be so wrapped up in the "newness" of it all that perhaps the year will fly by with no problems...or, at least until Christmas break!

I wish I could be a high school student and take Art from you. When I was that age, it never ever occurred to me to consider Art as an elective, or Glee Club. I loved to sing, but nobody ever told me that was a good thing! Oh, well. At least I have my Jonathan to encourage to explore all the opportunities he'll be given at his beautiful Worcester Tech High School. He is so excited, and part of me feels like I'm going back to high school with him, in a much better way than I began 40+ years ago...

Blessing on your school year, my friend. Know that you will make a difference in the lives of many wonderful young people. I'm proud of you!

Be good to yourself. Keep taking those 5:30 naps!


DJ said...

Mary, I would LOVE to have you in my classroom! You can drop in any time and join us for a painting session. {{Hugs}} DJ

wetoilpaint said...

No I'm not here but I'll say hi anyways. Giggle. #wave#

June Walker said...

Sounds like your life is HECTIC right now!! But lucky you...all that new paper and crayons and so forth...Good luck for the new term!!

Rachmeal said...

Great to read your story. I wish you wonderful new adventures in your new space! It all sounds exciting.

Mary said...

Nope, sure did not forget about you!! Been checking daily! :) How nice, you got to go back to school with bright, shiny and new supplies too!!!

DJ, I have this feeling you are an incredible art teacher!!!!

~Babs said...

How very exciting,,for the students especially.

I'm remembering art class in the lower grades. All the crayon, fingerpaint, posterpaint works. And I always loved the smell of the paste.
Then: disappointing highschool art class. Most of freshman year was soldering metal, trying to make jewelry, with a very dis-interested teacher. I just wanted to paint.I didn't take any more classes.
Here's to a fun, relaxed year for you and your students, and may you be of great enlightenment to those kids. (betting you will)

Caryl said...

Hi DJ, I knew you where a teacher, but honestly never realised that you taught anyone else other than workshops and on line. Now this is interesting, always learning someting new.

Bevie said...

Awww it's so good to see you back...and congrats on having a great place to teach...also for remembering the kids..ehehehhe!!!
Blessings for an awesome school year!!!

TJ said...

I'm here DJ!! I missed you. So glad you are rocking your classroom headset. I hope you have an amazing creative year in your new space... arty hugs from germany... xoxo tj

Shopgirl said...

I hope you got the ATC's I sent!!!
Sounds like you have some really special tools. Your love of art is the gift, and your students will feel it and learn. If you are excited about teaching them, they will love to learn from you. I did not have anyone interested in me, or teaching me art. It seemed like they just did what they had to...just getting through the day.
Magic, share the Magic!!! Hugs, Mary

Odd Chick said...

You sound very busy but energized. I can't wait to see pics of your new school and room. I can see how you would be an awesome art teacher!! I wish I could have had someone like you early on to teach me early so I would not have to spend most of my life catchin up!

Wanda Chudzinski said...

Hi DJ,
I knew you were busy, because I am doing the exact same thing! Have a wonderful school year!

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

How exciting DJ! Brand, spankin new surroundings that you get to add your very own creative touch to. Bet it smells new also! (my husband laughs at me because I always notice smells so quickly)

So glad your back is better. I've not been blog surfing as much lately either due to my hubby just having surgery and I've also been creating overtime for a art festival I'm going to be a vendor in. I've missed you but so understand how life happens sometimes.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Honeycombs said...

Stopping by from a sunny (at the moment) England. You reminded me it's back to school on Monday for me but I'm not a teacher, I'm a secretary and the office is having walls knocked down the first day back. Crazy I know especially as we've just had a 6 week break but hey the noise will keep me awake. Your new school sounds good,have a blessed week.

ArtPropelled said...

YoooHOOOOO.... I am always here..... though a bit slow on the uptake.Great to have new surroundings and learn new technology. It's very good for the brain cells I'm told, though most of the time I prefer to curl up in my comfort zone. By now you have probably mastered all the new technology and feeling quite proud of yourself. Hope you've found time to catch your breath since too much new can be overwhelming.Luvya!
(My word verification is inabledl)

Paintings by Patricia said...

I'm here, just busy. Oh all of that sounds so familiar after all my years of public school teaching. How nice to be in a new building. Exciting and all the newness will be a plus. Teahing is fun and I loved it and the students were the best, so nice to share it all with them. EEK and I remember the meetings!!!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

A wild ride in your new school. My friend described her cockpit desk to me...nice to have the latest in technology but as you say it's the students and the art making. Naps are good!

Mary said...

DJ, where are you????? :)
you are missed!!