Saturday, September 25, 2010

September Transitions

We humans usually have some qualms about Change.
Knowing and Familiarity lull us into a state of Comfort.
Routine. Security. Control.

The Unknown is met with Trepidation.
Heightened senses. Alertness. Physical readiness for flight or fight.

Yes, you know all this. So, what?

my kitchen and bathroom are being gutted.
One right after the other.
Nothing makes my heart tremble like the prospect of someone altering my nest.
(Is that a woman thing? artist thing?....)

To say I'm stressed is an understatement.
People with crowbars and saws have entered my haven.
They mean well, but that's beside the point.

Yes, those are bare floor joists with ground beneath them.
Apparently, the people with crowbars didn't bring their own 2x4s to block the entrance, so they used my broom and shovel. Does little for my confidence, ya know?

Yes, I'm getting new stuff. (whee)
But will everything work? Visible and invisible?
Will dry be dry and will wet be wet when it's supposed to be?
Will electrical stay electrical and will nailed stay nailed?
Will something be covered up?
Will all my aesthetic decisions work together?
Stay tuned...
and say it will be alright...
Excuse me while I drive to my mother-in-law's to take a shower. Ahem.

On another note,
Please allow me to ask for your knowledge.
Talk to me about your favorite countertop material!
Do you like corian, granite, or something else?
Any stains? Chipping? Joint seals not working?
Lemme know...
Before MY joint seals stop working. :-)

Love & Laughter,


ArtPropelled said...

Groooooooan!!! .... I know just how you feel DJ. We have just had our bathroom re-tiled. What a nightmare! I put my foot down about the kitchen. Just give me a years breathing space!
It will be so worth it when its all done DJ.

Janet said...

You are so brave to do them at the same time! But then I guess that way you get everything out of the way and you don't have to stress about doing it all over again.

I have granite counter tops. I've only had them about two years but so far I like them just fine.

wetoilpaint said...

DJ, you are having fun!!!

You asked about countertops materials, in my new kitchen I'll have a maple butcher block like Julia Child's Cambridge kitchen. A nice size piece of marble pastry board for making pie crust and I'll hang my pots and pans on peg boards.

So do tell us what your plans are for the kitchen and bath.

You have already decide on your choice of counter top? Sinks?
I love those farm house sinks, yes, I'm a country girl.

Floors, what did you pick? Tile, wood, fess up!

Are you getting new appliances?
Tell all!!!!

You've been quiet too long!

Mary said...

DJ it's good to hear from you. Having so much going on is unsettling and hard to live in the midst of, but oh how wonderful it will be when it is finished.

my counter tops are corian, that is what they were when we moved in. i don't know if i would have chosen them. I would have butcher block on my island for sure - i know some don't like it but i do. I also like the look of soapstone, but hear it does not wear well. and i hear marble is nice to baking.

lots of help i have been here!!!! :)

keep us posted!!

Say It In Color said...

Oh HOW exciting!!! I LOVE building projects!!! We did this OLD HOUSE of ours twelve years ago....and for my kitchen counter tops.... I CHOSE corian.....I wanted galvanized metal tops....ha....but I chose a grey speckled corian with a nice bull nose on the front edge ...then put stained would board for the back floor is the cheap but DURABLE speckle black and white 12" flooring....I just buff and hides dirt and paint drips really well! My kitchen is black white and red accents....BUT let me tell you how much I love my daughter in law said to me...."I want what you have on your counters because I've watched how much you abuse it....and it still looks great!" Well....she is right....I have cut it, got plenty of paint on it, mustard, chemicals, gel medium...craft paints.....and it cleans up well!!!! OH!!! Cooking?....You can put HOT on it too...I don't cook much....but lots of art and kids!!! It can also be rebuffed to look brand new....but in twelve years it doesn't even have a hint of needing it!! When they cut the hole for my sink....they cut two 12" squares for cutting boards for each side of my gas stove....the same corian and color so they match the counters but save when I'm chopping heavey meats....well, you got my favorite advice....have fun...will send pics if needed....hugs to you!!!

Arty Velarde said...

yikes! good luck on your remodel! it will work out FINE

Monica Burnette said...

Oh how exciting! And stressful at the same time. Be sure to post lots of photos for us, and those of us too chicken to remodel will live vicariously through you. ;-)

Wanda Chudzinski said...

Good luck with the construction DJ!

Lotus said...

wow DJ!
I know how you feel about having your haven gutted! Even when its necessary... ; )

hang in there and watch them like a hawk! You'll be thankful that you got it done and you can claim the new areas by doing something artful and permanent... lol!


TJ said...

Ooh but it looks like exciting upheaval...!! Here in Germany you need to install your kitchen every time you move. I've washed more dishes in a bathtub than you can imagine. Hang in there, it will be worth it...

~Babs said...

Oh, there you are!
You've been a busy girl,,,and how wonderful it will be when this is all finished!
We need to do the same here,,,and might be starting real soon.
I dread it, but look forward to it both.
Hang in there!
PS: I don't care for the high gloss of granite, nor the high cost. We will have ceramic tile countertops, which we have now,and I love them. They weren't professionally installed when we moved here, and need replacing.

Shopgirl said...

Oh my! This is a big job, but when done it will be wonderful.
Your package came and I have posted your ATC's. They are wonderful, and the Box is a treasure. Thank you for being apart of this with me. Hugs, Mary

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

Oh my goodness! I'd be concerned too if they had to pull out my broom etc.. to hold up things!

I wish I could offer some tips on the counter tops, but instead I too will be reading what your other commentors posted for you. I need new counter toops myself.

Cannot wait to see some photos of the final renovation DJ.

It will all be worth it!
Lee Ann

Butterfly Works said...

I promise you will survive....It seems I had had projects going on for the last 25 years in one shape or another....Everytime I say this is the last, but my DH knows it's not true.....It's very hard when you are in the middle of it and especially if you are living in the house....We are extending our den in our little mountain cabin and I defnitely know what you are going through....The worse part for me is my privacy but hey you have to forgo something to get what you want.....

I have had just about every kind of countertops....I have granite at my home and I like it alot.....I have walnut in the cabin in the mountains and that suits this house just great...In the past I have had tile and corian....If you are a big time cook, I'd choose granit or wood or maybe a combination. I have a friend who cooks alot who has tin in her cabin in the mountains and she loves it....

Well I have gone on too long...but I love a project just don't like the mess and waiting...but I know you will pick out the right elements for your new rooms.....

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

Hi DJ!!! How ya doing? Been missing YOU.

♥Lee Ann

TJ said...

DJ oh DJ oh where have you gone? Have you survived the reno? Waiting to hear...!! Hugs from germany, tj

Mary said...

checking in on you too!! :)
miss you, hope you are doing well!