Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hello Again

Isn't the passage of time .... um....tricky? swift?
One day, you wake up, and the First of 2011 has turned into Spring of 2011.
I haven't finished my New Years' Resolutions/Goals/Focus Word of the Year, yet.

Life Stuff has TRULY overwhelmed me this year,
but then, Life Stuff is always present for everyone!

I know you go through the same things:
1. job stress, (dealing with an incompetent person for 7 weeks. Will I/my husband have a job next year?)
2. family events, (birthdays, the 10th anniversary of our wedding proposal was special)
3. art-making decisions, (I'm blocked & busy. Now what?!)
4. illness, (Multiple migraines in one week = not good. See number one above)
5. friendship issues, (two ladies cancelled lunch dates in one week. Oh well)
6. pet health, (my four-footed son is slowly dying of a bad heart. But not today)
7. a mysterious spot on the just-washed new shirt (yet another paint shirt, if I get unblocked enough to use it)
8. home improvements (6 months to finish a bathroom? My sweet mother-in-law was patient with our daily shower visits. Now we find out we need $2500 worth of new pipes installed below ground)
9. car repairs, (two body shop visits for $1300+ in three weeks. You don't wanna know)
and last, but never least,
10.Duty to Fellow Man
11. Saving the Planet that Fellow Man Lives Upon.

But I'd really like to take off my Super-Hero cape for a bit
and just
talk to you.
Have some
Pop some popcorn or grab a cookie. From the store-bought container. Ahem.

The sun is shining, my favorite Cardinal family is flying around the backyard, my cat is home from the vet and walking around, at least ONE room in my house is clean, and this school teacher is on Spring Break until the 11th of April.

After a prayer of gratitude to the First Creator & His Son
for never leaving my side these past few months,
I need to clean my palette and put this Life Stuff on a cathartic canvas.
Grab that bag of cookies on your way to my studio, will you?
I have an extra canvas waiting just for you.
We'll fill them up with lots of
Love & Laughter,


TJ said...

I wish I was closer 'cuz I really would show up with cookies.

Stolen from the windowsill of an old germany granny. And we'd replace the plate full of flowers for her the next day.

Hang in there my friend, it's great to have you back in the blog-o-sphere!
xxx tj

Caryl said...

Amen Amen Amen... I would do ANYTHING to pop over and have lunch with you, grab a cookie anything, just to give you a hug, fall on the grass making grass angels and take a deep breath and whisper... you are very precious.

the domestic fringe said...

Sorry life has been so tough for you lately. Sounds like you've been through a lot. Migraines must be plaguing everyone lately. I just wrote about my latest migraine battle yesterday. Congrats on your 10 years! Enjoy your spring break. I'm sure you need it.

Mary said...

Here I come with cookies in least virtually...DJ, it's so good to see and read a post from you. It is hard to believe we are 4 months into the new year that's for sure.

Sounds like life has dished you up a full plate, hoping you find some time to sit, rest, create.

Grace and Peace to you!

ArtPropelled said...

Hi DJ! Wonderful to find a post from you.... though wish you were less overwhelmed by the job stress which has plagued you for far too long. Enjoy your Spring break. Sending you cyber cookies and love.

Say It In Color said... very glad to see your post at the top of my list!!! I was getting worried, but knew you were a teacher....and teachers are way underpaid for the time and efforts they give. My dau in love is a teacher....ANYWAY....what kind of cookies do you relish? A tough time it sounds like....I will definitely be praying for you.... hang in there... I love hearing from you...good or bad....we need to listen....wish you lived next door! We could dig those pipes up ourselves.....I did it at the farm, before we moved to town. Anger makes you dig in! ENJOY your Spring Break....I am grateful for you....and to hear from you!!! BIG HUGS!!!!!...yes, you are precious and cherished!!

DJ said...

Well, my Beloved Blogging Darlings, THIS is just what I needed and missed: Those warm cyber-hugs from my beautiful friends!
You make me feel like I'm not...
wallpaper for a backdrop in the play of Life. I have a place on the stage, too, even if that stage is ever-changing. Let's hold hands and dance our way through the next Act, shall we? 5, 6, 7, 8!

Lotus said...

If I lived closer, I would bake a batch of my cookies (my own recipe!) and pop right over, leaving "life stuff" outside, so I could re-energize.

Can you believe our list is almost exactly alike? Sans #8... I'm renting... tho, I did have to have some repairs done, like a new stove top!

Missing you my friend. Hope to be back soon, but who knows... ; )

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

YAy!!!!!! I'm so glad to hear your voice again here in bloggy land. I have missed you DJ.

I so understand how life happens and prevents us from getting to do everything we want to do like posting on our blogs. It happens to me too! If I were there at your door I would bring some melt in your mouth lemon tea cookies. (I have a recipe that is heavenly) We would then sit together, sipping some tea and gabbing away all of those stresses. Oh and you would have to show me your art while I was there too.

Enjoy your spring break!

♥Lee Ann

Rebecca Crowell said...

Hi DJ! I was just going through some workshop stuff, saw your name and wondered how you're doing. Now I know, a little of it anyway! Good to hear from you via your blog, and I hope that painting will bring you relief from some of the other stresses.

Sheila Vaughan said...

Hey, it's DJ again! I won't cook you any cookies dear. My cooking is largely crap. (Is that swearing. I hope I don't get banned from Blogger). Sorry about all the pressures. Yep, life has this nasty habit of catching up on us, especially us gals. I hope it is not too long before you are back in the (new) painting shirt and we are enjoying your painting adventures. Take care.