Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hello Again

Isn't the passage of time .... um....tricky? swift?
One day, you wake up, and the First of 2011 has turned into Spring of 2011.
I haven't finished my New Years' Resolutions/Goals/Focus Word of the Year, yet.

Life Stuff has TRULY overwhelmed me this year,
but then, Life Stuff is always present for everyone!

I know you go through the same things:
1. job stress, (dealing with an incompetent person for 7 weeks. Will I/my husband have a job next year?)
2. family events, (birthdays, the 10th anniversary of our wedding proposal was special)
3. art-making decisions, (I'm blocked & busy. Now what?!)
4. illness, (Multiple migraines in one week = not good. See number one above)
5. friendship issues, (two ladies cancelled lunch dates in one week. Oh well)
6. pet health, (my four-footed son is slowly dying of a bad heart. But not today)
7. a mysterious spot on the just-washed new shirt (yet another paint shirt, if I get unblocked enough to use it)
8. home improvements (6 months to finish a bathroom? My sweet mother-in-law was patient with our daily shower visits. Now we find out we need $2500 worth of new pipes installed below ground)
9. car repairs, (two body shop visits for $1300+ in three weeks. You don't wanna know)
and last, but never least,
10.Duty to Fellow Man
11. Saving the Planet that Fellow Man Lives Upon.

But I'd really like to take off my Super-Hero cape for a bit
and just
talk to you.
Have some
Pop some popcorn or grab a cookie. From the store-bought container. Ahem.

The sun is shining, my favorite Cardinal family is flying around the backyard, my cat is home from the vet and walking around, at least ONE room in my house is clean, and this school teacher is on Spring Break until the 11th of April.

After a prayer of gratitude to the First Creator & His Son
for never leaving my side these past few months,
I need to clean my palette and put this Life Stuff on a cathartic canvas.
Grab that bag of cookies on your way to my studio, will you?
I have an extra canvas waiting just for you.
We'll fill them up with lots of
Love & Laughter,