Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Greetings 2012!

A small canvas to start off January 2012 and get the juices flowing:

"Consternation in Yellow" by DJ oil on 12x12" canvas

And some WIP details of another canvas, which have since been developed into something with a bit more content:

Perhaps I need to set a goal of painted canvases for the year?
Let's see...the number 50 sounds reasonable.
Yes, due to day-job demands, studio time is sporadic, but you know what? I've decided THAT'S OKAY.
I give myself permission to walk into my studio anytime and paint for any span of time available. Take THAT, Inner Critic!
Anyone out there in the blogosphere want to volunteer to be a February encourager for me? I certainly need it.
Fifty canvases.
You readers can check on me occasionally, okay?
I'm going to need lots of
Love & Laughter,


Patrina's Pencil said...

I just love all of these pieces. The first is amazingly simple and bold. love it.

The second is so interesting. I looked at both the bottom ones - from all angles.

Yes, I picked up my laptop and turned it this way and that :)I wish I could see them larger. They are so full. I don't know if it was intentional or not but I see so much in them.

In the top of the bottom 2, I see
a cow's face
a horse
a bird
another set of eyes at the bottom, maybe a person, maybe a dog
a chair
it looks like an active tornado causing a whirlwind collage on canvas.

The bottom piece reveals a large dog face with brown nose.

So much...

Just saying... :) I love it! Very interesting pieces.

I knew they were simply amazing - before reading your post...I spent 15 min just looking at your pieces. haha so yeah, I would have commented even if you had not written a post.

But now that I've read your post, I'm here to encourage you.

Paint on!! Anytime and every time you feel like it! It frees the soul and opens doors that somehow seem to close without us even being aware.

Don't let your busyness rob you of your God-given creative ability. You have great talent.

I just love what I see here. You don't have to see it through my eyes...but I Hope you see the beauty of its hidden treasures ...through your own eyes.

Glad I stopped by tonight.

Be encouraged!

Patrina <")>><

Sheila Vaughan said...

Yellow consternation is quite fascinating. I really like it DJ. Yes, do what you want. Paint or don't paint. Even when we are not painting we are painting (the process goes beyond the mere act of applying pigment to a support don't you think?)

Say It In Color said...

Hi DJ!! You have such rhythm in your free movement of the brush! Yellow Consternation is amazing in that it is simple but complex....almost makes me think of a face in the sea of the earth and the hair are the continents....KEEP PAINTING!! Also thanks for your comment....we are so excited about downsizing, which is really hard with soooo many years of "things" is going much slower than I anted, but have decided it is God's timing, not mine!! So I am at peace.....but sooo look forward to less encumbrance to be able to create more!! I will be back to encourage you and hope you have been well! Hugs and Blessings!! sherry

Robin Kent said...

A big 5-oh sounds like a good number to shoot for. Love your poems too. Does that count as art pieces as well?

TJ said...

50 is a fantastic goal my friend!
That's about one a week...
You can do it!

It looks like 2012 is off to a great start for you. Thanks for keeping in touch!
xx tj

jo said...

Hi, DJ. I've been checking your blog and glad to see you in the studio again. I've been having a blast. For some reason I my email address at CCS no longer works and I just haven't had the energy to reset up everything again. In time I will. For now I'm having too much fun creating. Stop in and visit my blog when you have time. Hope you're feeling better.


Elaine said...

Oh how I love these WIPs - I love watching an image develop - honestly they tell such stories! Your goal of 50 canvasses? Easy - work on more than one at once - that's how I do it lol. Seriously like you, the day job constrains my painting hours so when I DO get in there its like HYPERACTIVE GO GO GOOOOOO !!!! And I have to have a few canvasses on the go as I find it SO frustrating waiting for stuff to dry. Also - I need to give serious thought to storing finished canvasses.....

p.s. Thank you for your kind comments!