Sunday, March 4, 2012

What On Earth Are You Doing?

Did you know?
Did you know that you do that like no one else?
You make something. No one else can do that exactly like you do.
So, why don’t you do it more often?

You’re struggling to find time to do it because…A, B, C reasons.
You’re not really good at it. You don’t have a lot of training in it. You’re just…No one really cares about what you do...
OK. Lemme ask you a question:
Are you creating Beauty?

Well? Stop stammering. Either you are, or you aren’t.

OK, here’s the truth: If you didn’t think it was beautiful, if you didn’t get something out of it, you wouldn’t be making it.

Now, that I’ve gotten your attention, let’s put the pieces together:
The world tells us that a lot of ugliness out there is perfectly acceptable. I won’t go into details; you can check out a daily news source or “entertainment” report for yourself.
But sometime, somewhere far away, tucked away in a little town, in a little room, on a little table, computer, or easel…there you are. Sculpting, snapping, sewing, painting, writing, composing, crafting, baking.
To put it in a nutshell, you’re creating. Beauty.
Shhh…No one knows, you say…
You tell yourself that your job needs you. Your family needs you. (Wish you’d put those two in reverse order, though.) You don't have time for your own stuff.

Okay: Hard Question:
What do you want your children to see right now?
I’ll tell you what I saw as a child: my mother denying herself. Denying her own creativity. Now, I’m struggling with that issue, because I didn’t have a role model. I didn’t see her live a healthy, balanced life, so I’m not sure how to lead a balanced life.
What kind of life do you want your children to live tomorrow?
Show them. Today.

So, let me add to your list: Your family needs you. Your job needs you. And
The world needs you.
The world needs your Beauty. As only you can express it.
You making that painting, photograph, quilt, sculpture? Guess what that does?
Along with relieving your stress and re-centering you? It gives others Hope amidst the ugliness. It gives them permission to express their Beauty as a higher ideal. It connects us imperfect humans with one another as creative beings who may have nothing else in common. It crosses language barriers and socio-economic barriers. It gives us all Hope.
So, don’t stop. Don’t ever stop.
Keep creating that Beauty. No matter what.
The world is waiting.
Wanna make the world a better place?
Go. Make. Then, don’t forget to Share.
Let’s change the world.


ArtPropelled said...

Well said DJ! Words to keep and read as a reminder every now and then. Inspiring to see your painting on the easel too.

Mary said...

Oh good morning to you dear DJ. What amazing words to wake up to. God the original, the master artist knew this, knows this. And he placed that need in us...we so need to have beauty in our lives and to be part of creating beauty.

I needed to hear your words this morning...thank you!

Mary said...

Oh yes, I see from your easel you are in the business of creating beauty...


Lotus said...

Wonderful post Deej!
You wrote this specifically for me right? ; ) I'm hearing the message my friend!

Love your painting too!

~Babs said...

Love what's on your easel.

Such poetry to our 'need to create' ears.
Often we need reminding, thanks!

Michelle McSpadden said...

Thank you DJ!!

What a great word of encouragement!!

I pray you continue to share your gifts with the world. : )

Joanne Osband said...


Well said :)

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

Oh DJ, your painting is BeAuTiFuL!!!!!!! I love the colors and motion..It very energizing and calming all at the same time.

What a wonderful post!!! Thank you for writing such realness and encouragement. You really made me think in a whole different way about taking time for yourself and creating..

Hey, I did post my 3 finished mug paintings for you to see tonight.

♥Lee Ann

Zorana said...

Wonderful, uplifting post! Well said! I could relate to what you said about your mother... and I know I am changing that and that my kids see a different example. I love seeing your easel!
I want to thank you for the comments you leave on my blog. Your email address doesn't show, so this is the only way I know how to. Very grateful!

tralala said...

Life is beautiful - and we just can't NOT paint :)

Rachmeal said...

You know what is important, and, the painting is beautiful!

Celeste Bergin said...

nice essay!

Patrice said...

Just what I needed on a "Spring ahead" Sunday morning..

I'm off to the studio!

Manon Doyle said...

Love the post!!!! Beautifully said!! So good to see you again. It's been a tough road but I'm resurfacing!!! : ))))

Steve E said...

This is the best piece of writing that I've read in a blong time. How to thank you? Well, YOU are doing it just as you've written, girl! Your 'thanks' are in the SMILE which God has, as God looks at the fruits of your chosen mission here. She/He has GOT to be pleased!

Thanks for visiting. Tomorrow I may get chance to look more at your blog, 'inspect'(-grin!) your thoughts in painted glory.


PS OMG! NOW I have to figure out these two useless scribblings. Only Peeps which word verification will keep away from commenting, are old asses like ME! At least I'm here now, and happily so!

Dan Kent said...

Yeah!! Yeah!!!! Cool swirls too!

Patrina's Pencil said...

Beautiful, DJ
Painting and words. They go so beautifully together.

Thanks for the encouragement. I heard you :)

Blessings for a lovely weekend

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

DJ, I came back to read this post again. You are so right!! When God has created us to use those gifts he has put in our hearts, we really do need to be exercising those gifts.. It makes us a more joyful person.

I just love the way you put things with your words!! You get right to the important point!!

By the way, the painting on your easel is beautiful..

♥Lee Ann

Lesly said...

DJ ... what a gift to read your post just at this moment in my life! So much truth in what you say .... so hard to believe that 'it' is there in oneself! Thank you for your words. Truly. XX

Martha Marshall said...

What a beautiful post, DJ! Thanks for sharing your beauty with the world.

Usha said...

Dear DJ,

You nailed it! What you said is so true and inspiring!
Thank you for the wake up call dear one!

Love your work and colors too.