Sunday, April 15, 2012

Reworking Work

Below are some snaps of re-worked pieces in the studio.
Hope everyone has a blessed Sunday, filled with lots of
Love & Laughter,

"Air Battle" oil on 10x8" canvas by DJ, reworked on 2-19-12.

"Memories of Summer" 2011 underwent a transformation...

to become this:
"Vision" oil on 20x16" canvas by DJ, reworked on 4-14-12.

"Splashing" oil on 10x8" canvas by DJ, a WIP, altered on 4-14-12.

"Sentry Duty" oil on 20x16" canvas by DJ, to which the figures were added on 4-14-12.

And for your enjoyment, my latest fave painting-while-listening song: "Changed Forever" by Toby Mac featuring Nirva Ready


ArtPropelled said...

Splashing and Sentry Duty are my favourites. So glad to see you have been working ... re-working DJ.

~Babs said...

Sometimes, the history from the previous work is what magically brings it all together.
I'm especially liking Sentry Duty

Steve E said...

Hey! Beethoven changed his greatest works (reworked them) over and over and over, kept notebooks with him to change a single note or rhythm while he was out walking in woods.

Change! Ahhhh, it is like NATURE! Always in change. We create, but NEVER with perfection. NEVER!

I am in love with AIR BATTLE, for the memories it evoked of WWII, and your depiction is AMAZING, at least that is what I see.

Fitting in with the whole theme of your post, CHANGED FOREVER. I listened twice!

(I'm changing, instead of rushing through blogs, I am stopping to smell the roses--get to read fewer blogs that way, but getting to "KNOW" the Peeps better.

YOU are another of the few amazing Peeps I have met this morning. Thanks for your visit, or I might not be here now!

I must remember...RE-WORK! Just like playing a violin concerto, it CANNOT be the same every time.


Rachmeal said...

Exciting work. Especially enjoy the "Memories of Summer" rework. The color makes the piece come alive.

jgr said...

Lovely work, I especially like the colors on the first one. Thank you for your comment, too!

jgr said...

Hi D.J. I just saw your latest comment about your kitty-I'm sorry for your loss, it is so hard to let go of the furry ones. How great that you were able to get more time though, I'm sure it's a comfort. We go back to the vet in two weeks for a follow-up blood test. I am nervous but hopeful. I'll post about it when I get the results. Meanwhile, thank you for your caring thoughts!

Leanne E said...

Love the motion in Sentry Duty! Have a great week :)

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

Oh LOVE Sentry Duty! Wow that one is inspiring. There is a spiritual battle going on that we cannot see.

You've been a busy girl!!!! Throw me some of that motivation please.

♥Lee Ann