Sunday, May 13, 2012

Simply Get On With It

Since I've been reading a lot lately about narrowing focus and setting limits, my goals are simple:
1) Complete 50 oil paintings in 2012.
2) Use less-demanding smaller works, such as Art Journal play and CCS Swaps, to keep my creativity flowing through busy & stressful seasons.
My easel always has a canvas on it, so I can pop in and out of the studio and apply paint quickly amongst life's many demands. My art journal stays open on my worktable so I can add to it in five minutes or fifty minutes, as allowed.
If I set detailed expectations or wait for perfect conditions, I don't produce. If I free myself to do what I can, when I can, I get more done. Why wait for a free two hour block to paint, when I know that's unrealistic? Why wait for the skies to open with a blinding light and trumpets to announce the perfect, earth-shattering, attention-getting subject matter for DJ?
Ignore the mess on your worktable, put your paper on top of the pile, and just pour your chosen color on the surface for a few moments. Just slather on some glue and slap down a textured paper. Pick up the pen and write about how you're feeling NOW. Suddenly, a character develops. Suddenly, you see a rabbit/face/truck in the paint. Suddenly, you have a background for a collage or journal page. Suddenly, you're MAKING ART.

Good. Now, do it again.

And be sure to do it with lots of
Love & Laughter,