Sunday, May 13, 2012

Simply Get On With It

Since I've been reading a lot lately about narrowing focus and setting limits, my goals are simple:
1) Complete 50 oil paintings in 2012.
2) Use less-demanding smaller works, such as Art Journal play and CCS Swaps, to keep my creativity flowing through busy & stressful seasons.
My easel always has a canvas on it, so I can pop in and out of the studio and apply paint quickly amongst life's many demands. My art journal stays open on my worktable so I can add to it in five minutes or fifty minutes, as allowed.
If I set detailed expectations or wait for perfect conditions, I don't produce. If I free myself to do what I can, when I can, I get more done. Why wait for a free two hour block to paint, when I know that's unrealistic? Why wait for the skies to open with a blinding light and trumpets to announce the perfect, earth-shattering, attention-getting subject matter for DJ?
Ignore the mess on your worktable, put your paper on top of the pile, and just pour your chosen color on the surface for a few moments. Just slather on some glue and slap down a textured paper. Pick up the pen and write about how you're feeling NOW. Suddenly, a character develops. Suddenly, you see a rabbit/face/truck in the paint. Suddenly, you have a background for a collage or journal page. Suddenly, you're MAKING ART.

Good. Now, do it again.

And be sure to do it with lots of
Love & Laughter,


Patrice said...

There ya go.

It's not always about "aha", it's more about working - and where the work leads. Only by pursuing our unique personal direction/s can we be truly creative.

Go to your studio and make stuff!

(And be happy).

DJ said...

Patrice, I love your statement, "'s more about working - and where the work leads." Yours is the voice of experience.
Hugs, Deej

Mary said...

This is such good advice, and I do this in my journals, but for some reason I think I need more time for bigger pieces of art. But it is about working isn't it!


DJ said...

Mary, Those bigger pieces of art are just that: bigger. It may take you a few more treks to the worktable or studio to complete them, but they're no different than your smaller works. So, pull up your socks and go for it. I'm cheering you on in prayer!
Love, Deej

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

Awesome post DJ. A very helpful one for me. I like your plan and I think it would help me by doing a little bit here and there when I can rather than thinking over and waiting for the perfect 2 hour time to create. At this time, I am still using a second bedroom, in a corner as my creating space, so it's difficult to leave too much out at once for a long period of time, but I just may have to rearrange a way.

♥Lee Ann

DJ said...

LeeAnn, Any flat surface will do. I sometimes use a lapboard across a recliner. If you keep a basket of tools beside your recliner, you're set. Hubby can watch TV, and he doesn't feel ignored, because you're right there. Just my experience; your situation may be different. But do what you have to do, my friend! Love, Deej

Rachmeal said...

The years that I set goals were the most productive. I can't wait to see your new paintings.

Odd Chick said...

Yes! I totally agree with this approach! Let's just keep doing it anyway we can, any where we can, any time we can!

Martha Marshall said...

Wise and inspiring words! And I have to say from experience that big work doesn't require big blocks of time. Sometimes a large painting (we're talking 3 to 5 feet sometimes) can sit in my easel for weeks, and when I can, I stop and add a few brush strokes. It's about not giving up.

Another suggestion for creators who have little space is to make one, no matter how tiny. Sometimes just a corner of a room will suffice.

~Babs said...

Such an inspiring post, and one that fits my current lifestyle to a 't'.
Smalls is all I know have space and time for.
But it's quite enough.
My self encouraging word for this year is 'content'.
And I know that you know:
whatever state I'm in, therewith to be content.

Linda said...

simply get on with it? Totally agree! Great post :-)

Patrice said...

I am expecting art stuff to show up here any day...

... or how about come kitty pics?

Love ya! Keep workin' - just remember back in school when we only had 40 minute periods to work/learn? The trick is to do it often, whatever the time frame. One can rarely afford the luxury of "having enough time."

DJ said...

I hear ya, Patrice! I'm going to paint now. :-)

F said...

How many of the 50 paintings so far?

lesly said...

Hi DJ, am a little worried to see that you haven't posted for several months. Well, I'm a lot worried to be truthful. I am hoping that this means you are too busy with your painting to have time for your blog, but fearful that something may be wrong? Best wishes to you, dear friend. xxx

Mary said...

Hi DJ, just stopping by to say hey...hope you are doing well!

Grace, love and peace!

WildC said...

Had to laugh when you said just put your paper over the top of your mess - I couldn't even do that today so I improvised an additional work surface LOL! Still, at least I didn't waste that precious hour tidying the studio!